5 Things To Do 2 Months Your Wedding

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Your wedding is two months away, can you believe it?! In today's wedding planning advice post, we are talking about the 5 most important things that you need to do in the two months before your wedding. 

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Two months before the wedding is the lull period of the wedding planning process. Let's call it, the calm before the storm. When you first get engaged it is non-stop chaos, researching, bookings, tastings, meetings, appointments and more researching. But, then it all starts to sloooooow down, which is where you are right now. 

You think: I have so much time, I'll deal with that later.

Well, that time has arrived, my friend. Trust me.

You want to start now at two months out to check stuff (real stuff) off of your to-do list. Because, it's about to get bananas again in your wedding planning world.

Why now? Why two months before your wedding? Now, it's important to to do these things because you still have time. There is still plenty of time to get it all done. You can do your research and (hopefully) avoid rush shipping and being forced into decisions. You still have options. When it gets closer to your wedding, the options of what's possible starts to go way down. But now, with two months to go, you have lots of choice available.

Here are 5 things brides always forget about until the very last minute. The things that you need to do in the two months before your wedding. But, not you. You aren't forgetting these things 'cause I'm here for you. I got your back.

5 Things To Do 2 Months Before Your Wedding


If you've received any wedding gifts (or bridal shower or engagement presents) already, write those thank you notes ASAP. Don't wait until it all piles up at the end after your wedding is over. Stock up on notecards and stamps and get writing.

Here's my list of all the thank you notes for your wedding that you'll need.


You will 110% need a timeline for the day of your wedding. This is to share with all your vendors and anyone else who will listen. Start working on that minute-by-minute timeline now. (Yes, minute-by-minute.) If you have a wedding planner, a timeline is right in their wheelhouse, so ask them.

You'll find some timelines here in my post about printables and downloads for your wedding.


With so much focus on the dress, it's easy to forget about all the accessories you'll be wearing on your wedding day, such as undergarments, the somethings, jewelry, sash/belt and, of course, your garter. (You better get in touch with me if you need a garter for your wedding.)

Here are my favorite headpieces and veils for the bride.

Also, you might like my round up of denim jackets for the bride.

You'll love this collection of wedding morning robes for the bride.


You know what you are wearing to your wedding, but do you have an outfit for getting ready the morning of your wedding? What about your rehearsal dinner? PJ's for the wedding night? Day after brunch? Now is the time to start gathering all your outfits.

What should I wear to my bridal shower?

You'll love these rehearsal dinner accessories ideas.

Don't miss this on what to wear to your rehearsal dinner.

What should I wear on the morning of my wedding?


I'm not saying you have to do it, but start to think now if you will be gifting anyone at your wedding, such as yourparents or yourwedding party? Will you be gifting your guests in the form of a favor and/or a welcome box for the hotel? How about agift for your wedding planner? Make those gifting decisions now so you aren't rushing and paying for extra shipping.

Gift ideas for the mother of the bride or groom.

Useful and fun bridesmaid gift ideas that they will love.

Unique wedding favor ideas for your guests.

chic bridal accessories - advice for 2 months before wedding - The Garter Girl

Photo Credit: Liz Fogarty

So, that's it for my wedding planning tips today. Those are the 5 things that you must do two months before your wedding. I hope these tips save your my-wedding-is-coming-so-soon sanity. Remember, stress never looked good on any bride.

To being stress free! Happy wedding planning!

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