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What Should I Wear to My Bridal Shower?

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One of the most exciting things about getting engaged - besides marrying your true love, of course! - is celebrating the special moments with those closest to you. You have to admit, your friends, family, and loved ones have played an important role getting you and your new wife or hubby to the engagement and wedding planning point. They are just as excited to see that engagement ring on your finger as you are!

The first big moment to celebrate a future bride is none other than the wedding bridal shower! If you follow tradition, all the ladies in your family and best gal pals will come together to celebrate none other than you, the future bride! With the different generations all in one place, from your grandmother to future sister-in-law, it is important to be mindful of what you decide to wear to one of your first official engagement and wedding related parties.

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Not only have I put togetherthe ultimate bridal fashion timeline and shared with you my advice for yourrehearsal dinner outfit, I’m sharing some tips below on how to make your bridal shower outfit stand out in the crowd!


Debut the White!

If you plan to wear white throughout the wedding events and engagement season, no better place to begin than at your bridal shower! You can throw the rulebook that says white is only allowed after Labor Day out the window. As the bride, you can wear white any time of year!

There are so many cute and fun white outfits to choose from. From fun and girly dresses to modern and sleek rompers, hit the racks and start collecting those white outfits for all of the wedding events coming your way

Dress for the Event

Is the bridal shower a formal tea party? Or a casual get together at your aunt’s house? Whatever the ladies in your life decide to plan, be sure to consider this as you make your bridal shower outfit decisions. No one wants to show up wearing a Derby hat at a backyard BBQ!   

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Give a Nod to Future Looks

If you’ve already found your wedding dress or rehearsal dinner outfit, how fun would it be to give a little nod to that look in your bridal shower outfit?! Maybe your wedding dress is French lace and you decide to wear a lace top with a similar design to it for your bridal shower. Just think about what your closest family and friends will say when they realize that you gave a clue to your wedding dress in the bridal shower outfit you wore months beforehand!

Consider What You’ll Be Doing

If your bridal shower includes some activity, like painting or maybe running a 5k race in the morning, you naturally have already taken the activities of the day into consideration in what you’ll wear. My advice for you is even if it is going to be “just a regular party”, take a moment and consider what you may be doing while spending times celebrating with those you love. For example, will you be sitting in front of everyone opening bridal shower and wedding gifts? If so, consider pants, a longer skirt, or a shirt with a higher neckline so as you grab gifts and bend over you aren’t giving your loved ones an extra show at the bridal shower!!

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I hope my advice above is helpful as you begin to prepare and plan for your wedding bridal shower celebration. My last piece of advice on your bridal shower is not clothing related - it is to be sure to take a moment, step back, and take it all in. All the women in your life have come together to celebrate you and your love. How amazing is that?! Soak it all up and enjoy the day!


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