What Should I Wear The Morning of My Wedding?

what to wear on wedding morning

Have you come to the end of your wedding planning and just figured out that you might need to something to wear before you put on your wedding dress? Yes, you'll need something to wear while you are getting ready on your wedding morning. If you are wondering way to wear - besides your wedding dress - on the day of your wedding, you've come to the right post today!

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what the bride should wear the morning of her wedding

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Today, I will share with you some ideas for what the bride can wear and give you a few pieces of wedding planning advice and things to think about that you might not have thought about for what to wear on the morning of your wedding! 

You ready? This is the part of wedding planning is really easy and dare I say: fun?!?  

You spent so much time and energy and probably money on what you'll wear when walking down the aisle on your wedding day and what you'll wear at your wedding reception, but what do you wear before you put that wedding dress on? What do you wear on the morning of your wedding when you are hanging out with your bridesmaids and getting your hair and make up done before your wedding dress? 

From table linens to table runners, to registering for wedding gifts for yourself and finding gifts for your wedding party, to bridal showers, bachelorettes and honeymoons, to escort cards and place cards, to vows and ring pillows, there are just so many wedding planning decisions to be made, aren't there?! And, just when you think you've come to the end, there is yet another decision that you have to make regarding your wedding! 

What are you (and possibly your bridesmaids too!) going to wear before you put on your wedding dress in the morning before your wedding ceremony and reception? 

Give It Some Thought

First things first, just know that before your wedding ceremony and reception, you WILL be getting your picture taken. I know you don't want to make another choice for your wedding, but unfortunately, what you will wear the morning of your wedding, is something that you'll want to put a little bit of thought into. I'm not saying that it needs to be an epic decision, as big as where to go on your honeymoon, but you should at least give your wedding morning attire a bit of consideration.  

Your wedding photographer might not be there super early in the morning, but you'll be with friends and family, and photos will be taken. There will be selfies galore as you are all getting ready or having brunch, and more group photos than you've probably ever taken of everyone just having a good time!There will be photos taken with phones and those photos might get shared between friends and family, and possibly posted on social media. 

As the bride and the center of all of the photo attention, you don't want to be in just any old raggedy thing or your same old PJ's that you wear every night! You want to put a little bit of thought into what you'll be wearing on the morning of your wedding so that you are photo-ready!

what to wear the morning of your wedding

Photo Credit: Bonnie Sen Photography, Styling: Claire Duran

A Little Goes A Long Way

A little bit of thought goes a long way on the morning of your wedding! As I said, it doesn't have to be an amazing outfit - unless you want it to be - but, just some advance planning for what you'll wear will make you feel so much better. You'll be smiling brighter and ready to take on the amazing day that is ahead if you are feeling that much more confident in what you wear wearing, especially when those selfies with the bride start happening!   

Your wedding morning outfit can just be an oversized button down shirt (that isn't see through!), or a comfy PJ set, or a matching sweatsuit, or a gorgeous bridal robe and some leggings. Whatever you choose to wear, just give it some thought in advance so you aren't scrambling and overspending at the last minute.

If you will be getting ready for your wedding at hotel or your parent's house or some where else that isn't your home, you'll need to remember to pack your wedding morning outfit as well! There is so much time and energy placed on the wedding dress that I've heard of many brides actually forgetting to bring something else to wear before they get dressed! Do not forget to pack clothes for before and after the wedding!

So, think about it in advance. What will you wear the morning of your wedding? And, don't forget to pack it! 

Remember The Hair & Make Up

When looking for something to wear on the morning of your wedding, you'll want to wear something that will slip off easily to keep your hair and makeup in tact when it is time to put on your wedding dress. Remember, the main goal of the morning of your wedding is to actually get ready for your wedding! You'll most likely be having your hair and make up done at some point before you put on your wedding dress.

There will be a lot of down time, just sitting around as you and your bridesmaids and family members all get their hair and make up done, so you'll want to be comfortable. (It goes by fast, don't worry! But, there is a lot of down time before your wedding, so don't be surprised when your hair and make up person shows up many, many hours before your wedding!)

wedding morning attire ideas

Photo Credit: Bonnie Sen Photography, Styling: Claire Duran

In addition to being cozy and photo-ready, you want something that can be taken off easily too. The last thing you want is a shirt that has to go over your head and it smudges your make up and ruins your beautiful hair!

Button down shirts, zip up sweatshirts, and robes that tie around the waste are really great options, because they can be taken off very easily when it is wedding dress time!  

Keep In Mind

Here are two pieces of advice - from me to you - regarding what to wear on the morning before your wedding....

Many bridal robes and button down shirts are really short and the lacy ones are totally see through. The lacy robes might look gorgeous in the pictures, but they aren't very practical unless you plan for a tank top or something underneath it. The same is true with the bridal robes as many of the robes are really, really short! You might need leggings or some other bottoms so that you are comfortable. 

Robes and wedding morning attire make for great gifts for your bridesmaids! You will need a gifts to thank you bridesmaids for supporting your through the wedding planning process and for standing by your side at your wedding. A bridesmaid robe or something to wear while getting ready for your wedding makes a great gift for your bridesmaids and it is something that they will definitely wear again! They might not wear their bridesmaid dress again (let's be honest!), but they will definitely wear a robe or comfortable PJ's again! Plus, a matching or coordinating bridal party makes for the cutest pictures!


So, there you go! This is everything you need to know about what to wear on the morning of your wedding! I hope this was helpful and you are ready to make yet another wedding decision. But, don't worry, you are getting so close to the end!

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