Looking for the perfect something blue for your wedding, or a something blue bridal shower gift the bride will love forever? Our something blue wedding garters and matching bridal garter sets are handmade and always made to order for perfect sizing.

Hidden under the wedding dress and something personal for the bride, a wedding garter is the best gift for the bride's something blue. Our handmade, luxurious something blue wedding garters are some of the most beloved designs in our heirloom garter collection, with garters in all shades of blue, including light blue, royal blue, navy blue, and The Garter Girl's signature, dusty blue.

Each wedding garter includes a free gift box and a keepsake bag for saving and protecting your heirloom after the wedding, After all, The Garter Girl's heirlooms are meant to be loved and are too pretty to toss!

The Garter Girl ships within the United States only and offers free shipping on orders with this free shipping coupon code. 

Happy something blue shopping!

Alluring from $114.00
Darling from $102.00

Charming from $97.00
Posh from $97.00

Charmed from $97.00

Feminine from $112.00

Smitten from $102.00
Glittering from $117.00