Saying "yes" to a gorgeous wedding garter accessory that you'll love forever with our 'Just Say Yes Collection' has never been easier. In fact, we think that these wedding garters and bridal garter sets might be the easiest part of your whole wedding planning process. 

Call it handmade in a hurry, the 'Just Say Yes Collection' of wedding heirlooms are designed for brides to cherish and priced to love even more. Styles are pre-made and typically arrive in your hands in about one week for U.S. shipping.

Each beautifully designed heirloom bridal garter and set in the 'Just Say Yes Collection' is carefully handmade with the finest materials and pre-made for perfect sizing, just for you, just as you are.

Each wedding garter from The Garter Girl includes a free gift box and a keepsake bag for saving and protecting your heirloom after the wedding, After all, The Garter Girl's heirlooms are meant to be loved and are too pretty to toss.

The Garter Girl ships all over the world and orders over $150 enjoy free U.S. shipping.

Happy heirloom shopping!

Romantic from $100.00
Perfect from $75.00

Pretty from $100.00
Haute from $90.00

Lovely from $95.00
Classic from $85.00

Refined from $80.00
Alluring from $95.00
Gorgeous from $95.00

Darling from $85.00
Sparkling from $100.00

Glittering from $100.00
Delicate from $75.00
Graceful from $105.00

Lux from $90.00
Charming from $80.00

Elegant from $80.00
Feminine from $100.00
Dazzling from $80.00

Modern from $80.00
Timeless from $95.00

Preppy from $80.00
Vibrant from $75.00

Brilliant from $80.00
Textured from $75.00
Chic from $75.00

Simple from $80.00
Gracious from $95.00

Charmed from $80.00
Classy from $85.00
Posh from $80.00

Smitten from $85.00
Glamorous from $85.00
Exquisite from $85.00