An heirloom you'll love forever and in a hurry! Our designer wedding heirlooms are cherished by our brides and their families for generations, and with our 'Just Say Yes' collection you can have your heirloom in your hands quickly. 

Call it handmade in a hurry, the 'Just Say Yes' collection of wedding garters are pre-designed for faster production and are perfect for those 'totally forgot about it until the last minute and the wedding is the weekend' moments. (You know that month before, or the week before the wedding planning mini-dramas where it's all coming together way too fast right at the end!)

If you're a simple bride and you just want a basic, but stylish, wedding garter that looks like something you'll be excited for on your wedding day, our 'Just Say Yes' collection is just for you.

If you're a bridesmaid, aunt of the bride, mother of the bride, future mother-in-law of the bride, or just a really good friend of the bride, and you need a bridal shower gift or engagement party present that will leave the bride crying, but you aren't sure what to pick out for her, it's our 'Just Say Yes' collection to the rescue.

This collection modern yet luxurious collection of wedding garters is handmade to perfection using simple details, elegant finishes, delicate laces, and the finest satins. Each pre-designed garter in the 'Just Say Yes' collection offers a slightly more modern and simple design aesthetic from our 'Couture' wedding garter collection

Each wedding garter includes a free gift box and a keepsake bag for saving and protecting your heirloom after the wedding, After all, The Garter Girl's heirlooms are meant to be loved and are too pretty to toss!

The Garter Girl ships within the United States only and offers free shipping on orders with this free shipping coupon code

Happy heirloom shopping - in a hurry!

Alluring from $114.00
Darling from $102.00

Romantic from $117.00

Classic from $102.00
Charming from $97.00
Lovely from $114.00

Gorgeous from $112.00
Posh from $97.00

Classy from $102.00
Refined from $97.00
Graceful from $122.00

Pretty from $117.00
Glamorous from $102.00
Haute from $107.00

Charmed from $97.00
Feminine from $112.00

Sparkling from $122.00
Smitten from $102.00

Glittering from $117.00