Where Should I Measure For My Wedding Garter?

where should i measure for wedding garter

Are you looking for a wedding garter, but are a little unsure if it will fit you properly? Or are you wondering where on your leg to measure to make sure that your bridal garter will fit you just right? You've come to the right place, I'm going to help you out with all of it today!

where measure for wedding garter

In my wedding garter 101 blog series I go through lots of different questions related to a wedding garter, including, of course, how to make sure that your garter fits you perfectly - just as you! After all, we can't have any bride uncomfortable on her wedding day!

First things first, is the placement of the garter on your leg. You need to decide where you are going to wear it before your can measure.

I generally recommend that brides wear their wedding garter on either leg just above their knee. You don't want to wear it too high so the garter rubs on your other leg when you walk down the aisle or dance the night away, but you don't want to wear it too low that it will fall down.

Wearing the garter just above the knee tends to be that sweet spot for most brides. Once you get your garter, of course, you can move it up or down your leg depending on what feels good.

(And, yes, you read that correctly, you can wear your garter and either leg. Read here for more on which leg gets the garter. It doesn't matter if the garter is on the left or the right leg. Whatever works for you, is the correct placement!)


Once you know placement, next is measurement. You'll need a tape measure, or a piece of string and a ruler.

Make sure that you are standing up to take the measurement. You will be standing most of the day, so it is good to measure it as close to the real wedding day as possible. You can have a friend help, if you really need it!

Take the tape measure (or the string) and wrap it around where you think want to wear your garter. Generally, this is just above the knee. If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string and then put the string against a ruler to get the desired length.

Do not pull the string or the tape measure tight. You want it to be form fitting and pulled securely around your leg. You don't want it tight that is digs in or too loose that it is sagging.

The number that you get is your number. You'll want to look on the garter's packaging to see if your number falls within their standard range. If you are having a custom garter made, you'll want to let your designer know this number.
(Hopefully, your custom garter is being made by me, because if so, I'd walk you through this whole process!)


Most wedding garters will list a standard size or give an estimated length that it will fit. If your number falls within the recommended size, you should be good to go.

A word of caution, if your size or measures leg circumference is close to the top end of their standard range, you will probably want to go a size up. You don't want that garter to be too tight!  I generally recommend that brides go for a size up for their garter. It is easier to deal with a garter that is a bit loose, instead of a garter that is too tight.

If your size is not listed in their standard range, you look for an adjustable garter or talk to a designer (hopefully me!!) about making you a custom garter size. You can also look for plus or petite garter sizes. The same applies to plus and petite sizing, measure yourself and then look to see if your size fits within the recommended sizing.


Does that help? Hopefully you know how to and where to measure for your wedding garter!

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