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Which Leg Gets the Wedding Garter?

Which Leg Gets the Wedding Garter?

The left? The right? Does it really matter which leg you wear your wedding garter on? I got this question from a bride recently and I thought that if one bride had the question, surely other people out there would want to know which leg gets the garter.

bride holding heirloom wedding garter made from grandmother's wedding dress

Up next in my wedding garter 101 blog series is the questions of placement. Specifically, which leg should you wear your wedding garter on. And, does it really matter if you wear your garter on your left leg or if you wear your garter on the left leg on your wedding day?

As a stylish wedding garter designer, you'd think I'd know the right answer to this question. So, you've come to the right place!

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something blue wedding garter on bride

Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead

The Short Answer

The short answer to the garter leg question is this: It is up to you which leg you want to wear your garter on during your wedding day. You aren't going to get cooties or bring yourself 10 years of bad luck if you wear your pretty little wedding garter on either your left or right leg. It just doesn't matter!

Historically, garters were purely functional and worn on both legs to keep up socks and stockings. Worn by both men and women, might I add! (Check out my post about wedding garter history.) Because of the duel leg purpose, garters used in today's weddings can be worn on either leg. It really comes down to comfort and what comes naturally to you. What leg to you start with naturally when you go to put it on. That's the leg that should get your garter on the morning of your wedding!

Here are 3 tips for legs and wedding garter wearing…

1.) Don't think about it too much.

Just put your wedding garter on and which ever leg you reach for first is the best leg for you. With the bridal dress, the shoes, the makeup and all the other "newness" of the wedding day, just wear your wedding garter on the leg that it is most comfortable for you. The same goes for the placement of the garter. Wear the garter in the location on your leg that is the most comfortable. This might mean moving your garter down a little closer to your knee so that it doesn't rub or feel too tight.

2.) Main and tossing garter go on the same leg.

If you have one wedding garter on each leg, your groom might grab the wrong one by accident, defeating the purpose of a tossing garter. So, if you have a wedding garter set then wear both wedding garters on the same leg. The main garter goes on first and the tossing garter goes on second just below the main garter. If the tossing garter is closest to the bottom, then it will come off first, which is what you want for the garter toss ceremony.

3.) Make sure you have "the talk" about which leg the garter is on.

Maybe you can talk about it the night before or whisper just before hands start to wander, but either way you two should discuss which leg you plan on wearing your wedding garter. If your partner has a road map, there might be less of a chance for fumbling hands and awkward moments during the main event.

So, that's it! Now you know that there isn't a right or a wrong leg to wear your bridal garter on for your wedding!

For more wedding garter questions, check out my garter 101 blog series!

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