Something Blue Ombre’ Bridal Party Gifts

Something Blue Ombre’ Bridal Party Gifts

One wedding garter for you and one for each of your bridesmaids! I have some super fun pictures to share of a something blue ombre' bridal party garter gift set (Wow, that was a mouthful to type!!). I recently made this garter set, which is a custom version of my besties bridal party garter set and it includes one wedding garter for the bride and one garter for each of her five bridesmaids. It is something cute for the bride and fun for each of her ladies! Of course, I had to take some fun pictures, because, well that's what I do! (You would do the same thing if you were surrounded by all these cute little garters all the time!)


What are you gifting your bridesmaids?? There are so many ideas for great and unique gifts these days, everything from shoes to robes to jewelry to purses to gift boxes – the options are truly endless! One thing is certain though: your bridal party will love and appreciate anything you do for them. After all, they are doing so much for you to be in your wedding and a little gift or small token of "thanks" will always be appreciated. And, the gift doesn't have to be major, there are loads of DIY bridesmaid gift ideas!

To keep the bridal party fun going, I created this board over on Pinterst full of bridal party gift ideas. Join me over there and share your bridal party gift ideas.