Try on Your Wedding Garter Before Your Wedding Day

Try on Your Wedding Garter Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is NOT the day to find out something doesn't fit just right. Brides are so focused on making sure that their wedding dress is a perfect fit that they forget to try on everything else. Even if your bridal dress isn't ready until the big day, do a dry run of everything else you plan on wearing that day: the shoes, the jewelry, the bra, the underwear, the makeup, the hairdo, the veil, and most certainly, the wedding garter.

I'm back with another wedding advice post in my garter 101 blog series! This is where I'll answer any and all of your garter questions – and, believe, me! There are plenty of questions that brides and friends of brides have about their wedding garter! Today, I'm going to talk about the importance of trying on your wedding garter – and all of your other bridal accessories – before the morning of your wedding. By the time the wedding morning comes around, it is too late! But, read on for more practical advice on this subject!


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I recently came across real bride post by Mrs. Lemonade on the Wedding Bee bridal advice blog and it broke my heart. This gorgeous bride wanted to wear a wedding garter on her big day, but hers didn't fit and she couldn't get it to stay up. (Although, if this is the worst thing that happened on her day, then I suppose it was a great wedding day! Am I right?)

Try It On!

Let this be a lesson to all of the brides-to-be out there! Try your wedding garter on when you get it, regardless of how far in advance of your wedding it may be. Maybe wear your garter around the house for a few hours underneath a dress. – any dress, doesn't necessarily have to be a wedding dress. If the garter doesn't fit or it isn't comfortable, you still have time to remedy the situation before your wedding. If you wait until the morning of your wedding to find out that your garter doesn't fit, there isn't much that you can do about it. It is too late at that point. (Unless you have a really amazing bridesmaid, but that's another post for another day!)


Most wedding garters are one-size-fits all unless the package or direction says otherwise. But, we all know that not every bride is the same size, so trying your garter on when you get it is so important. If you are having your wedding garter custom designed and you have any concerns about sizing, the garter designer should be able to adjust the size to fit you perfectly.

Feel Your Best

If something doesn't fit right or you are uncomfortable on your wedding day it will show. It will be written all over your just married face. Worst of all, it will be so clear to your wedding guests and later on in your wedding pictures. You want to look like your most beautiful self on your wedding day. You want to feel amazing and confident at your wedding! The best way to feel amazing as a bride, besides all the make-up and fancy clothes, is to be your most comfortable self.

Skip The Disappointment

The other point is that if you spend money on a wedding garter or any other wedding accessory, you want to be able to wear it and love it instead of wasting money and being disappointed. Disappointed brides are no fun at all! So, try on every wedding day accessory, such as your garter, earrings, shoes, necklaces, undergarments and more! Make absolutely sure that you are comfortable with all your wedding garb, especially your wedding garter, BEFORE your wedding day.


Have I convinced you of the importance of trying your wedding garter on before your wedding day?? I hope that I scared you straight and you will try that garter on the moment you get it!

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