How to Choose Your Wedding Garter

How to Choose Your Wedding Garter

You've picked your wedding dress. Your bridal hairstyle. Your wedding day makeup. Your bridal jewelry. Your wedding shoes (that you are going to wear again!). Your groom's shoes. Your bridesmaid's shoes. Your mom's shoes. Your wedding cake filling. Your get-away-car after your wedding reception. Your reception table linens. Your towels on your registry. Your blender that you got as a bridal shower present.

If you have to make one more wedding planning decision for your big day, you just might scream!

The next advice post in my garter 101 wedding garter advice blog series are a few tips for how to choose a wedding garter that you'll love and cherish forever.


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Here are some tips for making the wedding garter choosing process super simple and actually fun! There are my best tips for choosing wedding garter…

Most wedding garters are one-size-fits all. The garter is one of the few things in life that you can pick based on looks alone! So, pick a garter that you love and you should be good to go. Be sure to try your garter on when you get it to make sure it fits. If you have garter sizing concerns, check the packaging for size indications or let your garter designer know. There is nothing worse than  garter that doesn't fit you properly on your wedding day!

Do you love polka dots? Are you classic? Your own personality is a great source for inspiration for your bridal garter. What are the first things you are drawn to? Go with your gut and you can't go wrong on your garter design!

If you can't decide, I recommend going with something blue for your garter. It helps to complete your wedding day tradition and there are so many great shades of blue that you could use in your garter!

An easy way to personalize your wedding garter is to incorporate your wedding colors. You spent some time picking the colors out and you already know you like them, so go with it!

Looking for something blue? The garter is the perfect spot to keep the blue hidden. Is your dress white or ivory or cherry red? The color of your dress is also good starting point to pick a style for your bridal garter.

Garters come in varying widths. The thinner garters tend to be more delicate and simple, while the wider garters tend to be bolder and more ornate. Think about what you'd want to see photographed on your leg and what would look nice matched up against all of your other wedding accessories.

So, that's my advice for choosing a wedding garter! It can be hard to narrow down the garter choices, but once you consider about all the advice I gave you, I think you will find yourself at a pretty clear choice for your wedding garter.

Happy garter decision making!

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