Wedding Weekend Essentials Packing List For The Bride + Shopping Guide

Wedding Weekend Packing List For The Bride

As your wedding weekend approaches it's natural for excitement and nerves to set in. Don't let excitement...or nerves...keep you distracted or let you forget to pack something oh-so-important for your wedding weekend!

We are talking all about anything and everything that the bride needs to pack for her entire wedding weekend. Not just the wedding day, but the whole weekend. (Yes! And, you're welcome!) This is one amazing wedding advice post, so stick with us until the end, you won't forget anything for the big weekend!


There's quite a bit to remember to pack for your wedding weekend, no matter if you're getting married in your home town or on a beach at an amazing destination. Every bride needs to know what to pack and we've got you covered with our wedding weekend essentials packing list, complete with a list and items to shop for just in case you need to purchase some of these last-minute items.

Lingerie Bag
Shop this Wedding Day Lingerie Bag for Your Undergarments:
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There are so many fashion items, essentials and pieces for your wedding to remember to pack. Hopefully, you have some help from your wedding planner, family and bridal party, but whether you do or don't on today's wedding planning advice post, we made a list of the essentials to help you remember everything to pack for your wedding weekend.

To make this an extra special Garter Girl Loves post, we went ahead and did some of the shopping for you! We found and highlighted pieces - everything from hangers to robes - for your wedding weekend packing list are listed below. All of these amazing must-have wedding weekend pieces are sourced from Etsy and we hope they inspire you for your own packing list!

Wedding Fashion Must-Haves For Your Wedding Weekend

From the welcome party, to the post-wedding brunch and all of the occasions in between (not to mention your wedding ceremony!), your wedding weekend will be filled with unforgettable moments. Some things you don't want to forget are those fashion must-haves for the big day and the weekend's events.

Wedding Weekend Fashion Must-Haves Packing List:

  • Casual Outfits For Wedding Weekend
  • Welcome Party Outfit (including shoes, purse, jewelry etc.)
  • Rehearsal Dinner Dress or Jumpsuit
  • Rehearsal Dinner Accessories and Shoes
  • Bride Pajamas
  • Bridal Robe
  • Wedding Dress
  • Wedding Dress Hanger
  • Bridal Undergarments
  • Wedding Jewelry
  • Wedding Dress Belt or Sash
  • Wedding Veil
  • Bridal Shoes
  • Bridal Lingerie
  • Wedding Garter
  • Wedding Hair Accessories
  • Bridal Clutch
  • Post Wedding Brunch Outfit (including shoes, jewelry, purse etc.)

Other Items To Pack For Your Wedding Weekend

And that's just the fashion for the bride! Don't forget all the other items, such has toiletries. We know you might be getting your hair and make up done for your wedding, but you'll still need your toiletries, including tooth brush, mediations, make up and hair tools, for all of your other events throughout the weekend. Oh and lots of make up remover, don't forget that! 

Don't forget to pack your electronics (phone, tablet, readers) and all charges. OH, and you might want a mini blue tooth speaker and a bottle of bubbles for any impromptu to fun in your hotel room! If you're the journaling type, don't forget your journal to write it out throughout the weekend. If you're the type who might benefit from a walk or a quick run, don't forget to pack a workout outfit and sneakers - you might really want to stress release and time alone before walking down the aisle.

Shopping List For Wedding Weekend Items To Pack:

Gettin Hitched Bride Tee
Shop this Bride Tee:
Made by: Knot and Hitch

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Bride Vibes Hat
Shop this Bride Hat:
Made by: Dearly Threaded


Custom Pearl Denim Jacket for Bride
Shop this Bride Denim Jacket:
Made by: Gemini Fusion
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White Midi Rehearsal Dinner Dress
Shop this Rehearsal Dinner Outfit:
Made by: Bridal Garden Studio


White Bridal Jumpsuit
Shop this Rehearsal Dinner Outfit:
Made by: On Lady

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Bride Mrs. Pajamas
Shop this Cute Pajamas:
Made by: Mod Party


Lace Bridal Robe
Shop this Wedding Morning Robe:
Made by: Le Rose Gifts
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Lace Bodysuit Bridal Lingerie
Shop this Bridal Lingerie:
Made by: Selena Huan Studio

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Boho Wedding Dress
Shop this Wedding Dress:
Made by: Barzelai

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custom wedding dress hanger
Shop this Dress Hanger:
Made by: Delovely Details

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Unique Bridal Drop Veil
Shop this Wedding Veil:
Made by: LaVoile Rose

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Bridal Hair Comb Jewelry
Shop this Wedding Hair Comb:
Made by: Belle Michelle USA

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Opal Bridal Belt Wedding Dress Sash
Shop this Wedding Dress Sash:
Made by: Luna and Stone Co

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Sparkle Lace Wedding Garter
Shop this Wedding Garter:
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White Floral Drop Earrings
Shop this Bridal Jewelry:
Made by: Rosy Stone Inc


Crystal Beaded Bridal Clutch
Shop this Bridal Clutch:
Made by: Little White Couture AU

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Bridal Lace Heels
Shop this Wedding Shoes:
Made by: Anemone Dream


Bloody Married Shirt
Shop this Post Wedding Brunch Outfit:
Made by: Uptown Studios Designs



Essentials For A Wedding Weekend Away From Home

When you're packing for your wedding weekend, make sure not to forget the essentials! The little things that you use everyday can often be the most forgotten of them all. Use this list to keep them top of mind. 

Packing Tip: Write down a list of items that you regularly use on a sticky note and leave it on your packed bag. This way, you can continue using those items, like cell phone chargers, but will be sure to grab them before walking out the door with your sticky note reminder!

Don't forget the essentials:

  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Wallet and ID
  • Weekender Bag
  • Garment Bags
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Toiletries
  • Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Monogrammed Garment Bag
Shop this Garment Bag:
Made by: Amy Anne Apparel


Personalized Makeup Bag
Shop this Toiletry Bag:
Made by: S Embroidered Boutique


Personalized Mr and Mrs Water Bottles
Shop this Water Bottle:
Made by: Barn Street Designs


Bride Emergency Kit
Shop this Wedding Day Emergency Kit:
Made by: Amanda Mae Studio



Items For The Wedding You May Need To Bring With You

Don't forget those important wedding items that you may need to bring with you. Depending on your wedding's setup these items might be your responsibility as the bride or might be the responsibility of a bridesmaid, your wedding planner, or every your parents.  None-the-less, here's a good checklist to make sure whoever is in charge of these items doesn't forget to pack them for the wedding weekend!

Wedding Items To Pack:

  • Gifts For Spouse
  • Gifts For Bridal Party
  • Gifts For Parents
  • Gifts For Vendors
  • Cash Payments and Tips For Vendors
  • Personal Vows (Vow Books)
  • Unity Candles
  • Paperwork and Legal Documents
  • Wedding Rings
  • Guest Book and Pen
  • Toasting Flutes
  • Cake Topper
  • Cake Cutting Set
  • Guest Favors
Personalized Handwriting Cuff Links
Shop this Gift For Your Spouse:
Made by: Georgie Designs

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Box
Shop this Wedding Party Gifts:
Made by: DK Gifts Boutique

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His and Her Vow Books
Shop this Personal Vows:
Made by: Copper Cloud Creative

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Personalized Wood Wedding Ring Box
Shop this Wedding Ring Box:
Made by: MUUJE

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Mr and Mrs Personalized Champagne Flutes
Shop this Toasting Flutes:
Made by: Monogram Selection


Acrylic Arched Cake Topper
Shop this Cake Topper:
Made by: Save The Date Designs Co

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Guest Favors Custom Tote Bag
Shop this Guest Favors:
Made by: The Blessings Co

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Newlywed Thank You Notes
Shop this Thank You Cards for Vendors:
Made by: The Swoon Paper Co

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That was an epic packing post, wasn't it!? Told you!

Feeling inspired for the packing that lies ahead for your wedding weekend? Let this serve as some great last minute wedding advice and reminders for everything you may need for your wedding weekend. 

For more of my wedding ideas and inspirations, be sure to check out my Garter Girl Loves blog series and you can shop all of my wedding garter designs.

With love,

The Garter Girl



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