Who Buys the Wedding Garter?

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When it comes to wedding planning, unfortunately many of the issues and problems come down to finances. It is the sad truth about weddings and who pays for what can present some uncomfortable situations. But, I'm here to answer the question for who should pay for the wedding garter. Hopefully this advice will take this issue of the list of potential wedding complications for you!

Up next in my garter 101 wedding garter advice blog series is my tips and suggestions for who should pay for the bridal garter. Does it really matter who buys a garter for the bride? So many questions! I will answer this and more in my series, so be sure to check back often or look around if you have more questions about bridal garters.


Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead

I often get asked these questions from brides, friends of brides or family members of someone getting married: Who should pay for my wedding garter? Is it OK for me to buy my own wedding garter? Is it weird for me to give a friend/family member/daughter/cousin/co-worker a wedding garter?

The answer is: Anyone can buy the wedding garter.

The bride can pick out a wedding garter as a treat for herself or her spouse-to-be to a modern heirloom and special keepsake from their wedding. The bridesmaids can get together and design a garter for their friend. (Maybe they have the garter to match their sorority colors or have a garter made from the hem of their bridesmaid dress!)

The mother of the bride can get her daughter a special wedding garter. (Maybe the mother of the bride uses lace from her wedding dress to have a custom bridal garter made using the heirloom material!)

You can give your friend a garter as a present at her bridal shower or bachelorette party or just for something fun! The bride will love it!

There are no rules to the wedding garter tradition. And, who should or shouldn't pick the garter and pay for it is no exception.

So, go for it! If you want to get a garter for someone as a gift or if you are the bride and you want to pick out your own unique wedding garter, you should feel free. The wedding garter tradition has evolved so much over the years and it can be anything that you want it to be!


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