Wedding Garters Are Not For Tossing

blue lace wedding garter not for tossing

I’m just going to come right out and say it:  wedding garters are not for tossing. Nope, they aren’t for throwing to the crowd of singles at your wedding reception. A bridal garter is something special, just for you, to love and save from your wedding day. It is an heirloom for you to pass down through generations in your family, maybe even save for your daughter some day.

dusty blue and lace wedding garter not to toss

The wedding garter, in general, gets such a bad rap, because most people associate the garter with the garter toss ceremony. But they are two different things.

The Garter

As I said earlier, a garter is a special wedding heirloom for you to love. It is a meaningful symbol of your love and your personal style, and of how amazing you felt on your wedding day.

The garter is also a way for you to have someone or something special close to you on your wedding day, such as your mother or your grandmother. When you have your garter made out special material in your family, such as your mom’s wedding dress or your grandmother’s veil, you don’t have to wear your mom’s dress to be close to her on your wedding day!

The Garter Toss

The garter toss is a ceremony performed at the reception where the one partner removes the garter from the other and tosses the garter to a crowd of single wedding guests gathered on the dance floor. The garter toss ceremony is usually done in conjunction with the bouquet toss at the reception. (Read this article about when to do the garter toss at your reception.)

Many times couples like to have fun with the garter toss and play jokes with it, like pulling out a football from under the bride’s dress, or embroidering the words “your next” on the garter. (Wedding folklore, has it that the person who catches the garter is the next one to get married!)

But, many couples just aren’t into the garter toss ceremony at all. And, that’s totally OK! You do you at your wedding! (This is true for your wedding and in life BW!) 

Many times couple’s don’t want to be embarrassed in front of friends and family about going up the dress to get the garter, or they just don’t want to take a break in the action for their guests - they'd rather skip the garter toss and keep on with the party!

Whatever your reason to not wanting to do the garter toss, that’s completely fine. That's your choice and you don’t need to justify your decision to anyone!

But, I’m here to tell you, though, that just because you don’t do the garter toss, doesn’t mean you can’t get a wedding garter. The garter and the garter toss are two different things. The majority of my custom garter clients are not doing the garter toss, but are, obviously, still wearing a garter for their wedding.

blue lace bridal garter not for throwing

If You Are Gonna Toss It

If you and your partner are up for the garter toss at your wedding, go for it! As I said, you do you at your wedding! Some couples are really excited about traditions and just couldn’t imagine getting married with out doing all the things, including tossing the garter.

And, that’s great! You shouldn't feel bad about any of your choices at your wedding - be confident and be excited, because getting married is supposed to be fun! Don't let the garter toss haters get you down - you do what you want to do! It is your wedding, not theirs!

If you are going to toss your garter, my best piece of advice is to get a tossing garter. A tossing garter (also called a throwing garter) is in addition to your main garter, so a second garter. It is a little, sometimes more simple version of your main garter, that you won’t mind throwing to the during the garter toss ceremony.

Because Why?

Why am I recommending that you get a tossing garter? I suspect that you know the answer by now, but I'll say it again just for good measure:

Because wedding garters are not for tossing!

Wedding garters are special and they are meant to be cherished and saved. So, skip the garter toss, if you want, but don’t skip out on something special that you’ll love forever from your wedding day. 

For more garter advice and wedding planning tips, check out the blog. Remember, you can shop for your garter anytime in my shop or get in touch about having a garter made from your mother’s wedding dress.