When During The Wedding Reception Is The Garter Toss?

Not sure when to toss the garter at a wedding?

Are you working on your wedding day timeline and unsure of when to do the bridal garter toss during the wedding reception? You've come to the right place because in my wedding garter 101 blog series I go through lots of different questions related to a wedding garter. When to do the bridal garter toss ceremony is a question that many couples have and I'm here for you!

Putting together the timeline of your wedding day is one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. But, in the end, that timeline will save you and is critical to ensuring that your wedding goes off smoothly. It is also helpful to think through the different scenarios and events that will happen on the wedding day and work through any problems or conflicts in advance.
The bridal garter toss is generally during the wedding reception at or around the same time as the other traditions, such as the cake cutting, the toasts and the bridal bouquet toss. So, if you are going to participate in any or all of these wedding reception traditions, then you can lump them together to happen together in a row so that your reception flows and there aren't too many interruptions for your wedding guests. One bigger interruption for your wedding guests is preferable to cutting in and interrupting every 20 minutes with a different announcement or tradition.
If your wedding band or DJ needs to take a break, this is a great time to do the wedding reception traditions. It is a great time to have those that are giving toasts come up to do that and to also do the garter toss and cake cutting. In this instance, it might be worthwhile to check in with the band leader and ask if he or she will emcee the different traditions to help get – and keep – your wedding guests' attention. He or she will also be able to keep these traditions moving along so that they don't take too much time.
When will you do the garter toss during your reception? More importantly, are you going to do the garter toss at your wedding reception?
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