The 5 Must Have Wedding Heirlooms

The 5 Must Have Wedding Heirlooms

Are you sentimental type, wondering what you can save as an heirloom from your wedding? Here is my list of the five must-have wedding day heirlooms. I'm talking about the those special pieces that you will love forever and save for your kids some day.

There are some heirlooms that just naturally happen on your wedding day, like the portrait, but then there are some that you need to plan ahead for, like a vow book or your wedding garter. Either way, if you are looking for something special to save from your wedding, you'll love this list of unique must-have wedding heirlooms!

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5 Must-Have Wedding Heirlooms

Vow Book

Oh the vow book, how I love thee! A wedding vow book is a special place for you and yours to write and store your wedding vows. These are no back-of-the-napkin type of wedding vows! In a vow book, you can write your vows yourselves, or you can have a calligrapher write it out in a beautiful font. Either way, a beautifully bond wedding vow book is a special heirloom to always remember your wedding and the commitment that you two made to each other.

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Photo Album

It is really true what they say about weddings. Invest in your photographs, because when your wedding is all over, the last dance is danced, all that you'll have is your love and your photographs! Invest in a good the best photographer that can for your wedding, And, I don't mean that the most expensive photographer. I mean, find one that you click with, that you trust and that you know you can be yourself around. You don't even want to know that your photographer is there on your wedding day, but you want to have the confidence in them that they will be getting those photographs that you'll love forever. And, when you get your wedding photographs, make sure that you take the time to get the put into an album. Your kids will thank you!


What wedding heirloom list would be complete without a garter? I'm not talking about the garters that you toss at your wedding reception. I'm talking about a beautiful, gorgeous wedding garter that was handmade just for you. For you to save and something special. Your garter can be a reflection of your style and how amazing you felt on your wedding day. A garter is small enough that it is easy to save as a wedding heirloom (Certainly, a lot easier than storing the top tier of your wedding cake in your freezer for a year!), but big enough to carry meaning so that your daughter will know just how special you felt on your wedding day when you pass your garter onto her!

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Photo Credits: Amanda Adams Photography

The Portrait

I'm talking about "the one." There will on portrait photograph of you and your partner from your wedding day that will be THE picture that you'll just love forever, that will be on the mantle, that your kids will all know is from your wedding day. (I know exactly what portrait I'm thinking about from my wedding!) There is always one picture of you and your partner that just defines your wedding day. That portrait is sure to be a wedding heirloom to hold onto!

Ring Box

To have and to hold and to keep your sparkler safe! A beautiful engagement and wedding ring box is a perfect wedding heirloom. Your rings might come in a box from the jewelry store, but if it isn't nice, you can invest in a gorgeous box to keep your ring safe. You can even get your ring box monogramed! Having a safe and beautiful place to store your rings is the type of heirloom that you'll love and that gives you peace of mind!

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Cake Topper

It is a bonus wedding heirloom! I know that I said five must have heirlooms, but I couldn't help myself and had to add one more. So, it is now the six must have wedding heirlooms that you don't want to miss out on!

The last heirloom is the wedding cake topper. There are so many fun and unique wedding cake toppers. Everyone will gobble up your delicious wedding cake (The wedding cake is by far the best part about being a wedding guest, in my humble opinion!) and you'll have your cake topper left at the end of the wedding. From fun and festive to cute and personal, there are so many options for wedding cake toppers out there. Getting a cake topper that you love and that speaks to your relationship, is the perfect wedding heirloom that you'll love forever!

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So, that's my list of must-have wedding heirlooms. What am I missing? What unique and unexpected wedding day memory keepers do I not have on my list? Don't forget to check out my article on on all there is to know about wedding day heirlooms.

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