NEW: Wedding Garter Size Fit Kits

wedding garter size fit kits - Just As You Are - from The Garter Girl

New wedding heirloom product alert! (I know it's ironic to use the words "new" and "heirloom" together in the same sentence - don't think that's lost on me!) We've been rolling out all kinds of new offerings and wedding heirlooms here at The Garter Girl lately, between new garter collection, handmade ring bearer pillows and the wedding handkerchiefs, I don't know what's going on! But, our new garter size fit kit, is one that I'm so excited about because it will help you get the most perfect fit for your wedding garter size and ensure that your garter heirloom will fit you just as you are.

No matter if you are a bride who is plus size, petite size, medium size, regular size, or don't-know-my-size, with these new kits, you'll be able to get a bridal garter that fits you and makes you feel amazing on your wedding day in whatever size you are!

wedding garter size fit kits - Just As You Are - from The Garter Girl

Say "hello" to The Garter Girl's new Just As You Are garter size fit kits. With our at-home garter size kits, you'll be able to find your wedding garter size quickly, comfortably and easily. There's no more wondering if your wedding garter will fit you, if it will be too loose, too tight or fall down when you are walking down the aisle or dance.  These are all questions that I get from my brides. I heard you. I listened to your concerns about sizing and that's where the idea for the new kits came from. It came from you!

Most importantly, with the new kits there will be no more waiting until your wedding morning and finding out that your garter doesn't fit or isn't right. OK!? Make sure that you try your garter on before your wedding morning, don't wait until the last minute! And, of course get a kit so that you can make for one hundred perfect certainty!

What's In The Kits

If you have any questions about your garter size or you just want to know before you buy, get one of the new garter size kits. Inside the kit, it will show you exactly how and where to measure yourself. It includes sizing instructions as well as a tape measure so that you can measure yourself with ease.

Inside the kits are samples of the most popular garter colors, so that you are look and feel the luxurious material that we use here at The Garter Girl. You are in the wedding world now, if you are planning your wedding, and you are probably realizing that there are so many different shades of colors. Who knew there were so many different shades of ivory! That's why I'm happy to include the color samples, so that brides can see the most popular colors that I use in my garters. (I can, obviously, match any color for their garter, but I included the most common colors, so you can see and feel!)

Also, inside the kits are a few little extra treats to make wedding planning easier and fun (Yes, wedding planning can be fun!) that I'm not going to share here - you'll just have to get a kit and see for yourself. (Sorry not sorry!)

Garter Discount Included In New Kits

The best part of the wedding garter size kits is that they pay for themselves! Yes, you read that right!

The garter kits include a $22 discount on your garter heirloom purchase from The Garter Girl's shop over $150. This discount is applicable to garters in the couture collection and custom designs - it's your choice! So, if you get a size kit, then you can pick out the most perfect garter for yourself with a nice discount.

If you follow my blog at all, you know that I love giving wedding planning advice in general, not just about wedding garters. I'm all about making this wedding planning process easier for you and that includes with making the garter selection process easy too. It's a wedding garter. We are going to make it special and amazing for you, but I'm not going to make it complicated.

With the new kits, we've taken care of your garter size concerns, answered your color questions, and given you a discount. Who doesn't want to save money on their wedding and make it easy?

I couldn't be more exited! 

wedding garter size fit kits - Just As You Are - from The Garter Girl

Return Envelope For Your Materials

In addition to the information card, the color sample card and few little gifts (that I'm not telling you about), the kits also include a pre-paid return envelope. When you fill out your leg size and garter design information, and send it back to me, you can put any materials that you want me to use inside the pre-paid return envelope. Yes, that's right, you can send me your materials to make your wedding garter!

I love making wedding garters out of your wedding dress materials. I know you love your wedding dress, you probably spent months (maybe years!) trying on dresses and finding the right one. Now, let's make you a garter that celebrates and coordinates your wedding dress. Don't throw out those alteration scraps or the little extra pieces that the dress designers send. Send them to The Garter Girl to make you a garter!

If you want to send me the scraps or pieces from your wedding dress alterations, you can put that in the pre-paid return envelope. We make magic with the smallest pieces of wedding dress alteration pieces!

Don't forget to tell your dress alterations person or your bridal shop consultant that you want to use your alteration scraps. Most shops will give you the scraps anyway, but just in case, make sure you tell them that you want your pieces to use them on a custom garter.

In addition to garters made from your wedding dress, if you've followed The Garter Girl any amount of time, you know that we also specialize in garters made from your family materials. Making garters out of your mom's dress or grandmother's veil is such an honor and something that we take great pride in.

When it comes to the family materials, you can put those pieces in the envelope too. If you have a piece from items such as your mom's wedding dress or your dad's tie or a piece from your grandmother's veil - you can put it in the envelope.

However, if you have the whole dress or veil and you prefer that I cut it for you, please get in touch with The Garter Girl. I will cut it for you and send back whatever we don't use. When it comes to the vintage and family materials, most clients tend to send me the whole piece or the whole dress, and then I cut it for them. It can be scary to cut your mom's wedding dress, I understand. 

VIDEO: What's In The Kits

If you like to watch your blog posts and wedding planning advice, I made this video for you. You can hear more from me, The Garter Girl, about wedding garter sizes, why I made the size kits and see first-hand what's included in the kits in short this video...

If this video doesn't show, click here.

Garter Sizing Just As You Are

You know that proper garter sizing is very important to me and to The Garter Girl's core values as a business. Making sure that you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day is all that I care about. With these new kits, we will be able to make sure that this happens for you quickly, easily and with the upmost confidence. 

As a handmade wedding heirloom business, I have the luxury of making my garters to order. This means that when you order your garter is when I get to work sewing your garter just for you. Because your garter is made-to-order, we don't carry sizes at The Garter Girl. The only size that we have is your size. We make plus size garters, regular size garters, , small garters, big garters, regular, standard, petite size garters - we make all the sizes!

Brides are not the same size. There is no one size that will fit every single brides-to-be out there, so this is why we offer made-to-order heirlooms. This is why we don't carry sizes at The Garter Girl.

Whatever your size is, that's the size that we have! 

wedding garter size fit kits - Just As You Are - from The Garter Girl

Getting That Perfect Fit

Not carrying sizes brings up great questions that we get regularly from our brides:

Will my wedding garter fit me? How will I know that it won't be too tight? Will my garter be uncomfortable under my wedding dress?

It's a confusing and potentially uncomfortable thing, we get it. This is why we made the kits so that you can measure yourself and know for sure if your garter will fit you. 

I've written lots (and lots) of blog posts and made videos on The Garter Girl's YouTube channel about how to measure yourself for your garter, what to do if your garter is too tight, and which leg wears the garter. So, I won't go into all of the advice here on this blog post. You can check out all of the advice here in my garter 101 blog posts if you have any questions. If you have any garter concerns that I haven't answered, please get in touch, you know I'd love to help you out. 


So, what do you think? Are you as excited as I am about the new Just As You Are wedding garter size fit kits!? 

Remember, you can shop for bluevintageclassic and modern garter heirlooms anytime in my garter shop or get in touch with me at for information on custom designing a garter just for you!

If you have any more garter questions, check out my garter 101 blog series or find all of my wedding planning advice here on my blog.