A Golden DIY: How To Spray Paint A Pineapple

You, too, can spray paint a pineapple! Read my tips on how to achieve that perfect DIY result at The Garter Girl blog.

I was working on a special collaboration for my stylish wedding garters (Check out my exclusive wedding garter collection for Wedding Chicks!) and I was DIY-ing a few props for a photo session with Renee Hollingshead Photography. I spray painted two pineapples with gold spray paint for use in the garter styling session. The golden pineapples and the photos tuned out so beautifully!

I had a few friends ask me how I made the pineapples and ask for tips and advice on how to DIY spray paint a pineapple, so I thought I'd make it easy and share the instructions here on my blog.

Really, spray painting a pineapple couldn't have been easier! It was as simple as buying the spray paint at the hardware store and spraying the pineapple! However, these pineapples look so amazing when you are finished that I'm sure everyone will think it was really hard! Painted pineapples make a fantastic and really affordable centerpiece for a wedding or any other special occasion. The painted pineapples are fun and interesting and will get your guests talking! My friend who was interested in how to paint a pineapple was going to make them for a bridal shower table centerpiece. Such a great use!

how-to-spray-paint-pineapple-the-garter-girl-renee-hollingshead-photography diy-golden-pineapple-the-garter-girl-renee-hollingshead-photography pineapple-diy-the-garter-girl-renee-hollingshead-photography

Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead Photography

How To DIY Spray Paint A Pineapple


  • Pineapple. (Look for a pineapple that is green or unripe, so it will last longer. Look to make sure the leaves are good and aren't too broken or mangled.)
  • Spray Paint (I used Brite Gold Metallic spray paint from ACE Hardware.)
  • Cardboard or newspaper (This is to protect the ground on whatever surface you are painting on.)


I recommend that you spray paint your pineapples outside in the grass. (You can cut the grass if any paint gets on the grass!) Before you get started, check your pineapple and cut off any tags and wipe of any visible dirt. Put the cardboard or newspaper down and place the pineapples on top. Hold the spray paint can a few inches from the pineapples and begin to spray. Spray all over the pineapple. Be sure to get into the leaves at the top. Let the pineapple dry for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Once the painted pineapple is dry to the touch, it is time for a second coat and to spray any spots that you missed. Turn the pineapple upside down and spray the bottom and the underside of the leaves. Also, move the pineapple around and get in and around the leaves on any spots that you missed during the first spray.

And, that's it! That is how simple it is to spray paint a pineapple and make it a golden treasure! I used about a half of a can of spray paint for two large pineapples.


After the garter photo session, I put my painted pineapples on my dining room table as a centerpiece. Everyone who comes over comments on how great they look! The pineapples have been on my table for a week now! I'm waiting for the pineapples to soften before I get rid of them.

I can't wait to spray paint something else! 


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