The Secret To Loving Your Wedding Choices Forever

The Secret To Loving Your Wedding Choices Forever

I hear it all the time, "Where were you and your beautiful wedding garters when I got married!?"

I also hear comments like this, "This wedding garter is so pretty, it makes me want to get married all over again!"

Or, my personal favorite, "If I was to get married all over again, I'd do everything differently!"

You would think that hearing these types of comments about my stylish wedding garters would make me happy. However, it kind of makes me feel sad for them. Sad that they are living with such regret when it comes to their wedding.

Regretful brides are the ones who make wedding choices (And, believe me, there are A LOT of decisions that go along with planning a wedding!) out of guilt and based on trends. Most importantly, the brides who question their choices after their wedding are the ones whose choices were not about who they are and what they love before they got engaged.

In this post, I'm going to ease your fears and give you the secret to never regretting your wedding choices. I will tell you the honest truth and give you the key to loving your wedding forever.


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The Fear

Are you scared about getting married and not being "the bride" anymore? Are you worried that after the dust settles from your wedding, you'll regret your choices from your big day? Do you wonder if you'll be horrified at your wedding dress when you are show your wedding pictures to your kids someday? Are you scared that someone will look at your wedding pictures and immediately tell what decade you were married in?

If you are worried about loving your wedding choices and this fear is holding you back from making decisions right now in your wedding planning process, you've come to the right blog post. I am here for you! I'm the queen of making decisions and loving my choices forever. No matter if it is my everyday closet of clothes that I wear, or my own personal wedding planning, I'm all about making a decision that is true to myself. And, once I make that choice I don't look back. Why? Because my choices are authentically me.

Don't Look Back

I was married almost 15 years ago and I wouldn't change a single thing about my wedding. I still love my wedding dress, our wedding cake design, the fact that we both didn't have a wedding party. I love our wedding venue, I love our lighting, our tent, our flowers, the band. I love it all! Heck, I even still love my husband (wink, wink)!

This is quite amazing if you think about it. I work in weddings. I used to own a wedding blog and here I am a stylish wedding garter designer. Few people see as much wedding inspiration on a daily basis than me. Even after all the wedding ideas and the new wedding products and over-the-top-gorgeous wedding designs thrown at me all day long, I'm still firm in my own wedding day choices. I love them. And, in fact, as time goes on and the more I see, the more I love our wedding choices.

I know you are thinking that this is impossible. How could she not want to change at least onething from her wedding?

I'll tell you a story to help you believe me. A friend recently asked me, if I was to get married again and money was no object, who would I get to plan my wedding. I thought and thought. I couldn't come up with anyone. I said, I'd still do the same thing that I did when I got married.

I wouldn't change a single thing.

Just Be You

So, how can you do this too? How can you be confident in your wedding choices? How will you know that the choices you make now for your wedding, you will love them 15 or 30 years from now. I'll tell you:

The secret to loving your wedding choices forever is YOU!

It really is as simple as you. You are the base, the foundation and the answer. If you make your wedding choices based on who you are and what you love, you can't go wrong. If you make your choices based on what the love between the two of you means, you'll never regret a single thing.

If you base your choices on what your wedding planner said you had to have, or that your mom guilted you into, you are doomed for regret. If you troll Pinterest, making board after board of all the latest wedding trends and you just can't stop pinning image after image, you will question your wedding choices.

Why? Because these choices aren't you. These choices are based on fear of missing out. They are based on guilt that someone will be mad at you if you don't go with something over something else. They are based on what it is trending and what the social media algorithm decides to show you. You might think that you love it. And, you very well might love it. But, your judgement is probably clouded by everything other than YOU.

Big Secret

So, how do you stop the guilt/trend/fear cycle when it comes to wedding planning? What is the secret to loving your wedding choices forever?

Before you get all lost in Pinterest and start falling prey to the pressure, take a step back. What do you like? What do you love? What are your priorities? Write them down and get clear on them. What did you love and what interested you before you got engaged?

Every time you loose your nerve or you get overwhelmed, refer back to your loves and your priorities. Do I need a wedding cake that is 12 tiers? Do I want wedding film photography? Should I get a garter? Do I need to have 10 bridesmaids? I don't know?! Go back to your list. What do you like? What are your priorities? What are your priorities as a couple?

You Do You

Your style and your priorities should be based on you, the everyday person, not you, the newly engaged person. It is important to just take a minute or two to reflect on your style and your style as a couple, before you are influenced by friends, family, social media and the bridal industry! (We can be really persuasive!)

Do you really love the color purple, but all you seem to find on Pinterest is wedding pictures that are blush and gold? And, now somehow you find yourself planning a blush and gold wedding? You see the trends over and over again, and it is down right impossible to stay true to who you are, if you haven't even taken the time to know what that is.

So, before you get all into the wedding planning madness (And, that is what it is! I love this crazy little wedding industry that I'm in because there are many talented professionals that can cut through the drama and help you be stress free! But, let's get real, planning a wedding is a lot of work!) think long and hard about what you love.

What is your own personal style? What do you wear everyday? What is your collective style as a couple? What do you like or don't like together? What types of food do you two like to eat together? Where do you like to vacation?

There are so many self realization and couple realization questions that need to be honestly answered before you crack that first wedding magazine.

YOU are the secret to planning a wedding that you'll never regret and that you'll love forever.


If you need help cracking the code of your personal style to help you plan your wedding with confidence, I'm here for you! I've had quite a bit of practice over the years helping brides narrow in on their style. I help them design a wedding heirloom that they will love forever.

I'm an expert at making the wedding garter selection process simple, because I quickly help brides hone in on their personal style. Once you know who you are, choosing a wedding garter heirloom that you love all of a sudden becomes a whole lot easier! You are the expert of you and you know more about yourself than you think!

Remember, you can shop my wedding garter collection right here. Or you can learn more about my garter heirloom process and email me to set up a custom garter request. I'd love to hear from you and work with you to design something so special for your wedding that you'll want to save it for your daughter!


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