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The Garter Girl only makes stylish wedding garters that you’ll love forever. Our garter heirlooms are so special that you’ll want to save it for your daughter.

Our Bride.

The Garter Girl bride does not lose her identity when she become a bride. She retains her own sense of style. In fact, she celebrates it. She knows that choices based on who she is and what she loves, well before becoming a bride, will never be out of style.

You can see her personal style in her gown, her shoes, her veil and, of course, her wedding garter. She is not about what Pinterest says is trendy or other people are trying to guilt her into. She loves her choices forever, because they are her. 

The Garter Girl bride values her family, her traditions and her personal style. She wants a wedding garter heirloom that will be a lifelong reminder of exactly how she felt on her wedding day – like her most stylish, confident and radiant self.


Our Mission.

Just wedding garters…? That’s it…? You don’t do anything else…?

We get these confused questions quite often. To set the record straight, yes, it is all wedding garters, all the time. Here in The Garter Girl’s Washington, DC studio, we believe in doing one thing and doing it impeccably.

Using the finest laces, the softest satins and the highest quality notions, The Garter Girl’s heirloom wedding garters are handmade and never intended to be tossed.

Our bridal garters are designed to celebrate your unique, personal sense of style. Our wedding garters are meant to be saved, loved for a lifetime, and passed down from generation to generation.


Meet Julianne.

Julianne Smith is The Garter Girl. This company was founded on her own personal core values of family first, love for tradition and being true to yourself.

Julianne has a soft spot for anything hand made and her obsession with fashion is deep. She is known for always being ready to host, always being true to her own personal sense of style and always being the most over dressed mom at the park.

Before garters and babies, Julianne worked on Capitol Hill and in the White House’s administration as a crisis communicator and public relations strategist. She combine her love of DC and weddings to found and then sell the area’s top wedding blog, United With Love.

Julianne lives in Washington, DC with her husband and three kids.

The Garter Girl - Julianne Smith

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