Don’t Do the Garter Toss!

Don’t Do the Garter Toss!

what if i don't want to do the wedding garter toss? i know it seems crazy that as a stylish wedding garter designer, i'd be write a blog post telling you not to do the garter too. it seems counterproductive, right? well, read on for my advice, because not doing the garter toss is about so much more than the garter itself!

next up in my wedding garter 101 advice here, i'm going to give you a few good reasons for not doing the garter toss at your wedding reception. in this advice series, i'll go through lots of different questions about the wedding garter. i hope that you'll check it out!


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i get this question all the time. each time a bride asks me this it breaks my heart. it makes me sad to know that there are brides, or anyone for that matter, thinking that just because something is tradition they have to do it at their wedding and that they don't have a choice.

those that know me will agree that i'll be the first person to tell you to do on your wedding day, or any other day of your life, only what you want to do. you should only do what makes you (and your groom…remember him?!) happy.

if you don't want to do the toss and get up there in front of all your friends and family and have your wedding garter removed, then skip it. spend more time dancing and eating cake (or cupcakes)! and if you want a garter anyway, get a garter to save as a modern heirloom. pass your garter down through your family, don't toss it to your wedding guests!

and, while we are on the subject of wedding myths: just because you don't do the garter toss, doesn't mean that you can't wear a wedding garter. in fact, most of the brides that come to me and that are drawn to my stylish type of wedding garters aren't doing the toss.

many brides want to wear a garter because it is fun and it is a way to express their personality. brides also want to wear a garter because it is something small that they will be able to save for the rest of their life, possibly passing their garter down to their daughter.

there are also lots of brides who do want to wear a wedding garter because it is one of the oldest wedding traditions and taking part in traditions is something that they've been looking forward to in their wedding day.

whatever you reason for wearing a wedding garter or not, is totally personal and up to you. just know that you don't have to do anything on your wedding day, or any other day, that you don't want to do.

so, flaunt it your garter, toss your bridal garter, keep your garter as your little secret (or your modern heirloom!)…or don't do the garter toss at all! it is your day and your choice!

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