Everything You Need To Know About A Wedding Garter

Everything You Need To Know About A Wedding Garter

I've been at this whole wedding garter designing and hand making this for a long time! I've written over 1,000 blog posts about wedding garters (Yes, 1,000!) and given so much advice with everything from how to wear a garter, to who buys the garter to how many garters to purchase and much, much more. In addition to all of the sewing and designing, I've written quite literally everything there is to know about a wedding garter!

I don't know how it is possible to write that much about such a small, modern wedding heirloom, but I've don't it! I think it might have something to do with the wedding garter being the oldest wedding tradition (True!) and the fact that my garters are just so fun and pretty, but perhaps I'm being biased! And, this is a whole other post for another day!


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For the next post in my wedding garter 101 advice blog series, I'm going to compile the highlights of my advice into one huge post all about wedding garters. These are the most popular posts in my garter 101 blog series that readers come back to over and over again. This will hopefully help brides-to-be, bridesmaids, MOHs, friends and family members quickly find what they need. After all, planning your wedding is hard enough, you don't need to be stressed about the garter! Your garter should be something fun and special from your wedding that you can save and pass on through the generations in your family, not any source of drama or confusion.

From garter sizing and placement to purchasing and saving, here is a round up of the top posts that I've written about bridal garters. This is truly everything you'll need to know about a wedding garter. I divided up the advice between general garter advice, then advice for wearing the garter on your wedding daym, and then the last section is specifically about the garter toss at your reception.

General Garter Questions:

Sizing and Placement:

Are you going to do the garter toss at your wedding reception? Not all brides toss their wedding garter and opt to skip this part of the reception. Some brides just get a wedding garter to save as a modern wedding heirloom.  So, I broke out the garter toss advice into its own section. This next section is a collection of advice posts specifically about the garter toss. From the timing to placement to helping your partner, this is everything you'll need to know about the garter toss.

 Garter Toss:


Wow, can you believe that I have written that many posts about wedding garters? I can hardly believe it myself and I'm the one who wrote all of these! And, this isn't even all of the garter advice posts, this are just the top posts from my garter 101 blog series, so that you can quickly and easily find everything you need to know about a wedding garter. You can feel free to look around for some of the more obscure questions related to garters – I've answer those questions too!

So what did I miss? Is there something or a question that I haven't answered about a wedding garter? Please leave me a comment or send me an email! I'd love to know and to answer your wedding garter questions!

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