What is the Purpose of a Wedding Garter?

What is the purpose of a wedding garter? I get this question all the time. It mostly comes from guys who are confused and stunned when I tell them a stylish wedding garter designer. But, those are stories for another time…

I think the purpose of a wedding garter is whatever the couple wants it to be. We are in an time of wedding planning and celebration where couples are going to great lengths to make their weddings more and more personal. They are focusing on the little details. And, they are opting out of tradition for the sake of tradition, and participating only in the events that are meaningful to them.

I think this trend is great and I’m so happy to see couple’s focus on the things that are important to them and their life together!

So, this still leaves the question…what is the purpose of the wedding garter? Over the past few years of designing wedding garters, here are the top reasons that couples have given me for wanting to participate in the garter tradition…

The History
The wedding garter is the oldest wedding tradition. The idea of participating is this historic moment is really appealing to couples. (Read more about the history of the wedding garter here.)

The Tradition
Many couples just love wedding traditions. They are really excited to take part in all that goes into a wedding! So, wether they decide to toss the garter or not, many couples decide to do the wedding garter just because they love the tradition behind it.

The Sex Appeal
Many brides have want to wear a garter because because it will make them feel sexy. With the perfect fitting dress and the pretty shoes, it is only fitting that a stylish wedding garter would help brides to complete their wedding day look.

The Surprise
The wedding garter is hidden under the bridal attire, so this is a perfect opportunity for the bride to surprise her partner with a little something special. Many brides are excited to pick out a little something for their fiance that will be meaningful and make them smile!

The Keepsake
A wedding garter is small. It is simple and it is easy to save. Brides like to have and wear a special garter on their wedding day because they know that it is memento that they will will be able to keep forever.

The Sentiment
Sometimes brides wear a wedding garter for sentimental reasons. Maybe there is a wedding garter that was passed throughout their family and they are honored to be the next bride to wear it. Or, the bride has the wedding garter made from some fabric that has personal meaning. Whatever the reason, many couples use the wedding garter as a chance to be sentimental on their wedding day. The wedding garter can also be passed along, which is appealing to couple’s for sentimental reasons.

The Fun
Above all, the wedding garter is about having fun! It is about not taking the wedding day so seriously and just having a good time. Many couples pick a style or a color that matches their personality and wear it to help them enjoy the day.

What am I missing? Any wedding garter purposes that aren’t listed?

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  1. Cassie Fleming November 20, 2015

    Thank you for the article! It was very helpful, my boyfriend and I talk about our future wedding all of the time. He is in the navy, so I will wear a garter with navy print with his last name, just like his uniform, and then add the white lace, and sass for me. ♡

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