Will a Garter Rub or Hurt My Leg?

It is kind of odd, wearing something around your leg underneath a dress, isn’t it!? I get it! Wearing a wedding garter on your wedding day brings up all kinds of issues and concerns for brides. Some brides are really excited about the garter and some could care less.

Regardless of how you feel about the wedding garter tradition itself, just know that if you want to wear a garter there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your wedding garter fits you properly. Keep in mind, proper fitting wedding lingerie will solve almost all issues or concerns, but read on more advice!

If you are concerned about your wedding garter rubbing your leg, itching or hurting you at all on your wedding day, here are some tips to avoid the pain…

The number one thing to keep in mind about a wedding garter is that it is hot under the wedding dress. Even if you are wearing a light weight or sheath dress, you will still be nervous and moving around a lot, perhaps dancing, which can add to the temperature. I know that it isn’t pleasant to talk about, so I won’t dwell on this topic, but suffice to say that for many reasons, it is important that all of your wedding lingerie fits you properly. Heat will only make something that doesn’t fit well in the first place worse.

Try It On
I can’t stress the importance of trying on your wedding garter and all of your bridal accessories before your wedding day. The day of is not the time to find out that something doesn’t fit as you want it to fit. If your garter is uncomfortable when you try it on, it will be uncomfortable on your wedding day. So, hopefully you’ll have some time to remedy the ill-fitting garter situation before the big day.

Material Matters
Just like clothing, the better quality the material, the less of a chance for rubbing, redness and/or itching. If you are worried about your garter not feeling good, try to get one made of the best material you can find. Something soft, like satin, is a good choice.

I generally recommend that brides wear their wedding garter just above their knee. This is the smallest part of the leg, which is ideal for comfort. Also, in this spot, the garter is less likely to rub against your other leg.

Size doesn’t necessarily matter, because most wedding garters will stretch to fit the area that you want it to fit. And, you need to try it on to ensure it is the proper size. That is the only way to know. Some garters indicate the size on the package and some are one-size-fits-all. If you are concerned before your purchase your garter, measure the area around where you want to wear it and make sure that the garter will stretch to fit that area. But, again, you really need to just try it on. If the garter doesn’t fit, try moving it up or down your leg to have it fit how you want. If this doesn’t work, it might be time for another garter!

Take It Off
If you are going through your wedding day and your garter is uncomfortable, just take it off. Go to the bathroom or hide somewhere and remove it. There is no need to suffer! Pass it off to a bridesmaid or put it in your spouse’s pocket for sake keeping.

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