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Do Brides Really Wear Wedding Garters Anymore?

Do Brides Really Wear Wedding Garters Anymore?

I get this question quite a lot: Do brides really wearing wedding garters anymore? I get the wedding garter relevancy question so many times from people – not my brides or my clients – but from friends and peers that I meet in the wedding industry. I thought it would be best to try to answer it once and for all here on my blog!

I am back with another installment of my wedding garter 101 blog series where I'm answering this garter wearing question and so much more! If you have any question about a garter, be sure to check back through my advice series, because I answer just about any question that you could possibly have about a garter!


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When I first meet people and tell them that I am a stylish wedding garter designer. I usually get a blank stare. I can tell that they are trying to process what I just said. "Huh? Did she really just say that she makes wedding garters?" This is usually what they are thinking. I can see the confused questions written all over their face! Once they have finally processed my chosen profession, the next follow up question is always the same. Each and every time the follow up question is the same.

Do brides actually wearing wedding garters anymore? 

The follow up question is always the same: "Do brides still wear garters?" It doesn't matter if you are in the wedding industry, maybe as a wedding planner or a photographer, or you are not in the wedding world at all, the questions are always the same. "But, wait, I thought brides don't wear wedding garters anymore? I'm so confused, how can you make wedding garters if brides don't wear them?" The questions are always the same!

Most people – in and out of the wedding profession – have a preconceived notion about wedding garters and what garters used to look like. They think that today's wedding garters are still yesterday's wedding garter designs. Today's wedding garter designs are modern, fresh and thoughtful. Today's wedding garters use amazing materials and brides are actually seeking out garters to be the perfect accessory for their wedding day look. If you haven't seen a wedding garter in a long time, I invite you to check a few of them out. You will be pleasantly surprised by the modern, yet feminine and truly creative garter designs out on the market for brides.

In addition to outdated garter designs, many people are scared of the wedding garter toss. And, well, the garter toss is often associated with a bridal garter. Many think that just because you wear a wedding garter you have to do the garter toss. (If you read my blog at all, you know that this isn't true, but this is still what most people think about the garter!) Many are scared to be the ones to do the garter toss and they are even more scared to be one of the single people called out to the dance floor during the wedding reception to catch the garter!

Yes, Yes and Yes!

So, what is my answer? It is always the same. Yes! Yes, brides are still wearing wedding garters. I'm busy as a bee here in my studio hand making and designing stylish wedding garters in designs that modern brides are loving and cherishing. So, we know at least some brides are going for the garter tradition!

This is what I usually respond with: Well, some brides are wearing them because I've been busy! If brides weren't wearing garters, then I'd be pretty bored!

To Toss Or Not?

Many brides are opting not to do the garter toss at their reception. Yet, many brides and grooms are still doing the garter toss. To do or not do the garter toss is a very personal choice. Some couples are really into the garter toss and are super excited to do it! They even come up with fun tricks like wrapping it around a football or wearing it on the wrong leg!

Yes, some just married couples would rather skip the garter toss all together! If they are skipping the garter toss, most brides will still wear wedding garter as something special and meaningful to have close to them on their wedding day. After their wedding, they will save their garter as a modern heirloom. Some brides get a wedding garter to start a new tradition in their family and pass it around as something borrowed, or to save it for their future daughter to be her something old. There are so many fun and beautiful ways to take part in the wedding garter tradition without having to do the garter toss!


So, that's my advice on the topic. What do you think? Are brides will wearing wedding garters? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

Wether you are doing the garter toss or not, you can find a special wedding garter here in my shop, or look through all of my wedding garter 101 advice blog posts.