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Custom Spotlight: Lemon & Lime

Custom Spotlight: Lemon & Lime

My sister – one of my best customers and biggest supporters – asked me to design a wedding garter for one of her dearest friends who actually came to my launch party last year.  I remember her eying up the Miss Rosette couture wedding garter, so that is the garter we used as the based for her design.  We switched the colors around to coordinate with her lemon and lime wedding theme and voilà!  This custom wedding garter set is bright, vibrant and just plain fun!

lemon-and-lime-designer-wedding-garter-sketchThis couture, custom wedding garter is a set.  The main garter is an ivory satin background with a lemon grosgrain stripe, a lime grosgrain stripe, a lime oversize grosgrain flower with clear beads in the middle, and feather accents.  The tossing garter is a matching lemon grosgrain with a lime grosgrain stripe.






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