Custom Spotlight: Mother’s Wedding Dress

Custom Spotlight: Mother’s Wedding Dress


As a sole business owner, I have to do it all – the sewing, the ordering, the shipping, the accounting.  But, if I'm being honest, the thing that I love the most is designing wedding garters from the bride's mother's wedding dress.  It is a rare treat when I get to make one of these heirloom wedding garters.  In this case, the bride sent me the entire dress.  It was painful to cut, but I think the garter set turned out to be so beautiful.  I loved it so much I asked her if I could keep the dress for a special project that I have coming up!  Stay tuned for that!


This custom wedding garter is a set made from the bride's mother's wedding dress.  The main garter is an ivory satin background with lace overlay and lace detailing.  It has a few ivory pearls on the lace flowers.  The matching tossing garter is ivory lace detailing.





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