Fun Ideas for Garter Toss Songs

Fun Ideas for Garter Toss Songs

This one goes out to the grooms! If you are looking for some fun song choices for your wedding garter removal or toss ceremony, check out my DC are wedding DJ friends over at MyDeejay. They did a funny garter song blog post about popular garter toss songs picked by the grooms. The list of songs is so hilarious! If I was a guest at any of these weddings, I know I'd have a great time, for sure!


Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead

These funny garter removal songs were chosen by their actual real wedding clients! I can't believe some of them. Here is a list of the top eight funniest garter removal songs:

  1. Stevie Wonder: Superstition
  2. Bell Biv DeVoe: Poison
  3. Jimi Hendrix: Foxy Lady
  4. M.C. Hammer: U Can't Touch This
  5. ZZ Top: Sharp Dressed Man
  6. Jay-Z: Dirt Off Your Shoulders
  7. Ray Charles: Georgia On My Mind
  8. Flight Of The Conchords: Business Time
What do you think of these songs for the garter removal? What is missing? What would you put on the list?

If you are looking for more song selection advice for the wedding garter ceremony, you might like this three part advice series that my wedding DJ friends at Mydeejay wrote for my garter 101 series:

And, if you are in the Washington, DC area and you need a wedding DJ, be sure to check out Mydeejay. They are awesome and so much fun!

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