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The Garter Girl Experience


Finding the perfect wedding heirloom is stress-free with The Garter Girl. We stand behind every garter that we create. We make your decisions easy (because aren’t you tired of making wedding planning decisions already!?), and we are only concerned with your happiness.

We understand that you crave something meaningful to save as an heirloom from your wedding. Yet, you deserve for your heirloom garter to look like something you would actually wear. (Dare we say, excited to wear!?)

We know you’ll love your garter heirloom from The Garter Girl forever.

About your experience.

The Garter Girl’s signature experience involves two things:  high-fashion styling and impeccable customer service. We want you to feel amazing and know that you are valued.

Do you want to know a little more about our core mission? (We’ll give you a hint: Its you!)

You are our mission.

Toss The Toss

Our wedding garters are not for tossing. Just because you have a garter, doesn’t mean you have to do the garter toss. (If you want to do the garter toss, go for it! If not, skip it and don’t feel bad about it. You do you!) You should be able to have a wedding garter and not feel pressure to toss it at your reception.

Your Style Is Our Muse

Our wedding garters are designed to be pretty, sophisticated and stylish – just like you. We only make garters that you’ll love and that look like something you can’t wait to wear. We want you to be proud and excited to save your garter as an heirloom for your daughter.

Feel Amazing

We understand that wearing something under your wedding dress is scary and might bring up body issues that you don’t want to deal with on any day, let alone your wedding day. This is why our garters are designed and constructed to make you feel confident, radiant and comfortable. We won’t sell you a garter unless we’ve achieved this for you.

Are you ready for more?

You can shop our garter collection right now or find out more about our process and how it works.