Why the Wedding Garter is Passe’

it is no secret: the wedding garter tradition has seen better times. it is out with many brides today. i'll never forget a bridal boutique owner once told me: "thanks, but no thanks. your designs are cute, but wedding garters are passe'." from that moment on, i committed myself to bringing the wedding garter tradition back…with style, of course.

as i've been writing the garter girl blog, it has become clear to me that there are three major reasons why the wedding garter is not as widely embraced as it could be…

#1 – single people are called to the dance floor for the toss
this is just wrong. i'd like to just throw this whole tradition out the door. you can see my call to action here.

#2 – grooms use their teeth to take the wedding garter off of their bride
this is just awkward and makes guests feel uncomfortable. you can see my confusion over this part of the tradition here.

#3 – many wedding garter designs are outdated
if i'm being honest (when am i not?!), your standard wedding garter is not appealing to brides today. the fact that you can just pick up a wedding garter at michaels or walmart along with your car batteries, groceries and scrap booking supplies, doesn't help. i've design my collection to be stylish and unique. i try to show brides that they don't have to conform to other people's perceptions of a wedding garter, but rather they can define and design their own. i believe that the best wedding garters are ones designed after the bride's personality…after all, who you are is never out of style!

what are some other reasons? leave a comment, let me know what you think! (i'm dying to know your thoughts on this topic!)

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