"No Stress" Wedding Heirloom Pack

Ugh, every time I make one decision for my wedding, it feels like 10 more follow right on in behind.

Sound familiar??

Wedding planning can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. This heirloom pack will help you quickly and easily find a wedding heirloom you'll love forever, so you can confidently get to rest of your to-do list.

Your heirloom pack includes one "Just As You Are" garter fit kit (Price: $22) and one "Happy Tears" hand-embroidered handkerchief (Price: $38).

Ready-to-ship (U.S.) within one business day. The fit kit will help you measure for any size and doesn't contain a garter.

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"I cannot wait to wear this garter on my wedding day! It is so delicate and feminine! I will be saving this as a keepsake for sure!"

~ Abrielle