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Where Should I Wear My Garter?

Where Should I Wear My Garter?

Are you wondering where you should wear your wedding garter? Does it go high up on my leg? Does it go down low? Brides often ask, "Where should I wear my wedding garter?" Placement of your garter heirloom is tricky, I understand! Too high and it might be tight, and rub against your other leg or feel uncomfortable. Too low and it might fall off and feel even more uncomfortable.

I'm here to answer all of your garter placement questions and hopefully offer some comfort and advice for brides who want to take part in the wedding garter tradition, but don't quite know how to pull it all together. In my wedding garter 101 blog series I answer these questions and more, so be sure to look through if you have more questions about the garter.

As always, I love making wedding garters, so if you are looking for that perfect wedding garter heirloom, be sure to check out my garter collection shop or look through my custom garter album.

where should i wear my wedding garter - lace bridal garter heirloom

Just Above Your Knee

I always suggest that the wedding garter be worn just above the knee on either leg. (Tip: It doesn't matter which leg wears the garter.) Wearing the garter just above your knee is key for a few reasons….

  1. First, this is the thinnest part of the leg, making it low enough to not cut off circulation or chafe against your other leg when you walk. It is also high enough so that it won't fall down when you are walking. (If your garter fits you properly, it shouldn't fall down regardless of where you wear it, but that's another post for another day!)
  2. Second, if you are planning on tossing your wedding garter, this will put it in a good spot for your partner to find it without having to use a flashlight or reveal anything indecent. (Tip: Wear your tossing garter blow your main garter.)
  3. Last, if you want to take a picture or two of you wearing your pretty wedding garter, by wearing it just above your knee you won't have to pull your dress up too far to get a few tasteful photos!

elegant lace wedding garter heirloom

Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead

Do What Feels Good

Keep in mind, wearing your garter just above the knee is a starting point and a suggestion. If pulling it up higher or lower will give you a better fit, then go for it. It is important to move it around until you get that just right fit – for you! The exact placement will be different for everyone.

If your garter is too tight, pull it lower. If it is too loose, pull it higher. And, if it is painful, take it off and/or get a new one!

Try It On Before Your Wedding

This is my number one piece of wedding garter wearing advice: Above all else, try your wedding garter on before your wedding day. Don't wait until the day of to find that you have a wedding garter fit issue. Problems are easier to solve when you aren't minutes from walking down the aisle.

So, if you get a garter for your wedding (and, of course, I think you should!) then be sure to try it on right away. Maybe even wear it around a little bit to get comfortable with it and to get that placement just right. Your wedding day will be exciting enough, you don't need to add to the excitement with any concerns about your wedding garter heirloom.

The wedding garter should be fun, enjoy the moment! Your garter should not cause you discomfort or be a distraction with  something under your dress that doesn't fit properly!


Do you have more wedding garter questions? I'd love to answer them or you check out my garter 101 blog series!

Most of all, I'd love to make a wedding garter for your big day, a special heirloom that you'll love forever! Be sure to check out my wedding garter shop where you can find a style that you love, or you can browse my custom wedding garter gallery to find a garter as unique as you are.

If you are interested in a custom garter, email me anytime at info@thegartergirl.com.