I Got My Wedding Garter As A Gift….And I Hate It

I Got My Wedding Garter As A Gift….And I Hate It

So, you got your wedding garter as a gift and it isn't your favorite? As a matter or a fact, you down right hate it! Maybe it was a gift for your bridal shower or your engagement party, for your bachelorette party or maybe it was a present just for fun!

Regardless the reason of how you got this bridal garter, you now have a wedding garter that you don't love and you don't know what to do with it. I get it and I'm here to help! I think it is time for another wedding garter 101 advice session with love from me to you.


(Side note: This is NOT a wedding garter picture that I hate! I just wanted to put a picture in this garter 101 advice post so it wasn't all words. On the contrary, I super love this custom white lace ruffled and something blue wedding garter and the beautiful flowery wedding invitation suite it is on top of. You can see all of my custom garter designs right here.)

Back to the issue at hand – what can you do with a wedding garter that is hideous and you didn't pick out!? The first question to ask yourself  is: do you feel pressure to wear it? As in, will the person who got it for you know that you didn't wear it on your wedding day? If they won't know and maybe they got it for you just as something fun, then by all means, don't wear it! Skip it on your wedding day. Instead, get a garter that you love and move on! Crisis solved!

If you, on the other hand, feel pressure to wear this gifted wedding garter on your big day, then you have a bit of a bigger issue. Here are few things you can do:

Toss it!

You can wear this less than lovely garter as your tossing garter, which means that if you are going to do the garter toss ceremony at the reception, then this is the one that you actually throw out. There is little hope of getting this garter back once it is in the hands of the guys, so lucky for you! In this case, go ahead and pick out a garter that you love and let this one that you aren't a fan of become your tossing garter. Wear both of them on your wedding garter with the tossing garter below the main garter, in other words father down the leg towards the knee. This way your partner will know to take the tossing garter, not the main garter.

Don't wear it!

Bite the bullet and just don't wear it. Be a big girl and deal with whatever the consequences are! Even if they find out that you didn't wear the garter, just be honest and say that you found a garter that you love even more. You don't have to say that you hated the one that they got you, rather say that you love this one even more and couldn't resist!

Wear Two!

You have two legs, so wear both wedding garters! Get one that you love and then on your wedding day also wear the one that you don't love too! Wear one on each leg or stack them up on the same leg. Maybe you can sneak into the bathroom on your wedding day and take off the one that you don't love.

Change It!

Is there something that you can do to the wedding garter that you don't love? Maybe it has a charm on it that you don't like. Can you cut it off? Maybe you can make a little change to your garter to turn it into something that you don't hate as much.


So, that's my wedding garter advice. What about you? Did you get a wedding garter that you don't like? What did you do about it?

Do you have more question? Be sure to look through my wedding garter 101 advice blog series for any and all questions related to wedding garters.