How to Choose a Wedding Garter Song

How to Choose a Wedding Garter Song

Are you ready for more wedding garter toss song selection advice? I'm back with the third and final post about the wedding garter toss featuring great song selections from Washington, D.C.' area wedding DJ, Mydeejay. As a part of my wedding garter 101 blog series, I'm giving you some tips and advice for how to choose a wedding garter song to use for the toss portion of your wedding reception.

This advice post is less about the music for the garter toss, and more about the advice and how to actually pick a song for your wedding garter removal and toss. Picking a song (just one!) is impossible for anything, like a first dance, but trying to pick one for a garter removal is impossible! There are so many songs to pick from, should you go funny or serious or romantic? Or should you just let your DJ pick the song for the garter toss? But, what if you don't like it? So many questions!


Photo Credit: Renee Hollingshead

Don't worry! I have you covered with lots of advice for choosing a song for the garter toss. After years of watching the wedding garter ceremony go down at countless weddings weakend after weekend all over the Washington DC region.Mydeejay has a great tips for engaged couples from the DJ's perspective.

Take it away Mydeejay….

  1. Have a plan. Before you even start talking about what songs to use for the garter toss, decide whether you want to do the wedding garter toss and how you want things to happen. If you want to keep things classy and low-key, you'll pick a much different song than if you want the groom's head up your wedding dress.
  2. Get creative. Sure, there are plenty of lists out there containing hundreds of wedding garter tos song suggestions, but I've found that the best songs are always a creative pick by the couple. If a standard song doesn't appeal to you, think of songs by bands you've seen together or movies you watched together – something might jump out at you!
  3. Talk to your DJ. Make sure you talk to your DJ about the amount of emcee "encouragement" and commentary you want (or don't want) surrounding the garter removal and toss. Some DJs run the same shtick at every wedding they do, and it may not be what you intended for this part of your reception.
  4. Go over the plan. Sometime shortly before the wedding, have a discussion with your fiance(e) about the formalities during the reception, especially the cake cutting, bouquet toss, and wedding garter removal and toss. Make sure you're both on the same page with everything, and agree to stick with the plan.
  5. Have fun!If you're going to include a wedding garter toss in your reception, have fun with it! People will be able to tell if you're uncomfortable or feel shy.

Thank you so much to MyDeejay for taking the time to share is words of wisdom with such great advice for picking a garter toss song! I really love the tip about the best songs being songs that are personal to you!

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If you live in the Washington, D.C. area and need a DJ for your wedding, be sure to check out MyDeejay, they clearly knows what they are doing – especially when it comes to the garter toss – which is key, and you and your guests will definitely have a great time at your wedding!

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