Wedding Garter Removal Songs: Advice From A DJ (Part 1)

It is a fact…couples can’t talk about doing the wedding garter toss without talking about what music will help them to relax, set the tone and get their guests in the spirit!

Ever since I started my wedding Garter 101 series, I knew that a post about good songs was a MUST. However, after talking to the awesome, super nice and extremely knowledgeable, Evan from MyDeeay, I learned quickly that there was much more to the wedding garter toss than one good, well-thought out tune.

When I first asked Evan for his suggestions for good wedding garter toss songs, he told me that he usually plays two different songs during the wedding garter ceremony…one during the removal and one during the toss. Who knew!? (Word to the wise, make sure you pick a DJ or band leader who knows that they are talking about!)

It was clear that after his years of experience as a DJ Evan had lots of great advice for couples, so I decided to break my wedding garter toss song post into three different posts…part one is today’s post on wedding garter removal songs, part two on Wednesday will have good wedding garter toss songs, and part three on Friday will feature some great wedding garter advice from Evan.

The wedding garter toss ceremony can really be broken into two different actions…removal and toss. For the first act, the wedding garter is tastefully (or not) removed from the bride’s leg. (Check out my wedding Garter 101 series for some advice on how to actually do this.)

Here is a list of popular wedding garter removal songs that Evan provided based on actual songs used by his clients over the years…

Wedding Garter Removal Songs

Dirrty…Christina Aguilera
Drop Dead Legs…Van Halen
American Woman…The Guess Who
You Make My Dreams Come True…Hall and Oates
Would You Go With Me…Josh Turner
Short Skirt, Long Jacket…Cake
Oh Yeah…Yello
Cherry Pie…Warrant
Business Time…Flight of the Conchords
Foxey Lady…Jimi Hendrix

Want to see more wedding garter toss song options? Check out these visitor-generated lists from Project Wedding and Wedding Wire.

So, that’s the list of wedding garter removal songs. What do you think? What songs would you add? Leave a comment below so that everyone can see, learn and plan!

Thank you, Evan for being a star DJ and for sharing your insight! Check back on Wednesday for part two on wedding garter toss songs.

More questions about the wedding garter? Check out my garter 101 blog series!

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  1. Anonymous December 11, 2011

    Haha. I think Cherry Pie is a very appropriate song.

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