How to Choose A Garter That Won’t Show Through Your Dress

How to Choose A Garter That Won’t Show Through Your Dress

There are so many different wedding dress styles out there – from ball gowns to empire waist to mini to flowing trains to simple and understated to over the top! I'm exhausted just typing out the different styles of bridal dresses! Suffice to say, there is no shortage of wedding dress styles out on the market. Whether brides are choosing a wedding dress that is fitted like a mermaid style or more sheer with light weight fabric, I often get questions about choosing a wedding garter that won't show through their wedding dress.

For my next wedding garter 101 advice series where I got into detail with all of your garter questions, I'm giving you advice on how to select a wedding garter that won't show through your bridal gown. There is nothing worse that putting your garter on the morning of your wedding and looking down and seeing it rumple through your dress!


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Brides are concerned that their garter will show through their wedding dress, however they need not worry too much because I have a few pieces of advice how to avoid the garter being visible under that dress! As one bride recently said to me, "My wedding dress is pretty sheer and fitted so I would like a wedding garter that won't show thru or bulk out underneath the dress." Below is exactly what I told her! And, let me tell you, the garter that she choose was gorgeous, simple and very perfect for her wedding dress!


The obvious thing to cut back on if you are worried about your garter showing through your wedding dress is the color. Garters in more neutral, skin tones will have less of a chance of showing through. If you go with black lace or a bright red or hot pink satin, that garter might show through on a sheer wedding dress.


Another thing to consider in your wedding garter is the different textures, details and decorative elements. If your wedding dress is fitted through the legs and tight around the thighs, you'll want to choose a wedding garter that is flatter and not bulky. This is a situation where a simple garter is the best option. Extra details like feathers, chains, broaches and layers of lace or tulle might not be good for a wedding garter under a tight bridal gown.


No matter the wedding garter you choose, you can also play around with the placement of your garter to make sure that it doesn't show through your dress. If your dress is fitted through the legs, you'll want to place your garter just above your knee or at the part of your bridal dress where it starts to flair out. This flair out point will happen so that you can walk in your dress, and that's where you want to place your garter. There is movement in the dress and thus the garter will not show through.

Try It On

Do not wait until the morning of your wedding to try on your wedding garter. For many reasons, this isn't a great idea and it also applies to the dress and the garter. Try your garter on before, play with the placement and make sure that it won't show through the dress. Move around in your dress and garter too so that you can really make sure that it won't show through.


Those are my tips for how to choose a wedding garter that won't show through your bridal dress! What are your tips? Did I miss anything?

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