Real Bride Question: Do you make each garter to the measurements of each bride?

Real Bride Question: Do you make each garter to the measurements of each bride?

I got a wedding garter sizing question from a bride-to-be recently and I thought I'd share it here with everyone. I love answering your wedding garter questions in my wedding garter 101 blog series, so when you are done here, be sure to check that out. Lots of good stuff in this garter series! If one bride has this question about the size of her wedding garter, then there are bound to be more brides out there with the same type of questions when it comes to sizing your bridal garter and ensuring a proper fit. The last thing that a bride needs on her wedding day is a wedding garter that doesn't fit!


This bride asked:

"Do you make each wedding garter to the exact measurements of each bride? How will I know that my wedding garter will fit me perfectly?"

This is exactly (I know this is exactly what I wrote, because I cut and pasted it below directly from my email!) what I said back to her:

Thanks for the wedding garter fit question! At The Garter Girl, my standard bridal garter size will stretch to fit 14 to 22 inches around. From there, you can then move your garter up or down depending on what feelts good and comfortable to you under your wedding dress. (I generally recommend wearing your garter just above your knee, but the final location it is your personal preference!) That said, I make all of my wedding garters to-order, which means that I don't carry a inventory of ready-to-ship wedding garters. Every wedding garter from The Garter girl is custom made for each individual bride, so adjusting the size of the garter is no problem. If you have any questions or concerns about the garter sizing, simply measure around with a tape measure where you think you want to wear it (either leg!) and then let me know when you order your garter. If you have any concerns about the standard garter size fitting you, I would be happy to adjust the size of the garter to ensure that it fits you properly.

When it comes to your wedding planning, it is always better to ask tons of questions than end up with the wrong garter! And, even more important than asking questions is trying on your wedding garter before your wedding. You do not want to find out on the morning of your wedding that your garter doesn't fit! If you try your bridal garter on before your wedding, there is time to deal with any problems or fit issues.

I hope this helps you out there with questions about the fit of your wedding garter. For more wedding garter questions, be sure to check out my Garter 101 wedding blog series where I go through just about every question that I could think of when it comes to a wedding garter!