NEW! Bridal Fashion Emergency Kits

Bridal fashion emergency kits for wedding day from The Garter Girl

No drama and lots of confidence on your wedding day. What could be better? It can be a lot of stress to plan a wedding and sometimes with the lead up to the big day, the wedding day itself gets forgotten. But, not anymore! Now brides can feel confident that their fashion emergencies will be handled and taken care of with our newest product - the essential bridal fashion emergency kit.

We're more than just wedding garter heirlooms around here! Say "hello" to the newest addition to The Garter Girl's collection: The Bridal Fashion Essentials Emergency Kit is here! Each kit is specifically designed with the bride's fashion in mind. This kit is approved by expert wedding planners and has everything brides need for a drama free wedding day.

Wedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion

Confident & Stress Free

We're all about the wedding fashion where brides feel confident and amazing just as they are, as you know, and we're all about a stress free wedding day with no drama.

We have everything from helpful wedding planning advice, in addition to our handmade wedding garters that are stylish and look like something you'd actually wear and love forever (We even have custom garters made from your mother's wedding dress!).

We also have the Ultimate Bridal Fashion Timeline, which tells brides exactly what to order when so they don't miss out. Be sure to get our bridal fashion timeline - it's free!

With our new wedding day emergency kits, brides can now have a wedding planner approved bag full of everything they'll need for a drama free wedding day. They can feel amazing and confident knowing that if any fashion emergencies come up - and they surely will - they're all set and ready to go.

It's wedding day peace of mind - in a bag!

Everything from a rip or stain in the wedding or bridesmaid dress, fly away hair pieces, to an extra does of calm with lavender essential oils, these brand new kits have all that brides and the whole bridal party needs for a stress free wedding day.

Wedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion essentials bags - by The Garter GirlWedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion essentials bags - by The Garter Girl

What Is In The Emergency Kits?

Each kit is a white canvas bag lined with plastic (for spills and leaks!). The bag features a gold zipper and are printed in black with "just the essentials" and The Garter Girl logo. Included in each kit is:

  1. 1 roller ball of "calming wedding vibes" lavender essential oil,
  2. 2 packages of stain remover wipes,
  3. 2 packages of sanitizing wipes,
  4. 4 pieces of fashion tape,
  5. 1 pair of travel scissors,
  6. 1 pack of "happy tears" facial tissues (10 tissues)
  7. 4 earring backs,
  8. 1 small mending kit,
  9. 1 small sewing kit with pre-threaded needles,
  10. 2 packages of make up remover wipes,
  11. 3 knotted style elastic hair ties (1 white, 1 blue and 1 black),
  12. 10 bobby pins,
  13. 10 safety pins, and
  14. 4 adhesive bandages.

The best part (well, one of the best parts because there are many!) is that each kit is hand packed and ready to ship. Perfect for the last minute weddings or if you forgot about it or if you need a quick and easy gift for the bride - or yourself! It's the perfect bridal shower gift or bachelorette party gift too!

Wedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion essentials bags - by The Garter Girl

Wedding Planner Approved!

It was really important to us that the kits were not only pretty, but also functional. We wanted to make sure that the emergency kits were full of everything that brides and bridesmaids need for their wedding, nothing more and nothing less.

After all, who wants to carry around a huge purse or sack on their wedding day??

We turned to the best wedding advice givers, the ones who always know best: wedding planners! They always know what to do and exactly what brides and bridal parties need. They've seen it all and been through all of the emergencies before. 

The wedding planners told us that most wedding emergency kits out there and kit lists have too much and that brides only end up using the same few things every time. The lists are too long and they end up lugging around too much. Who wants that on a wedding day?

At every wedding, brides and bridesmaids (and mothers of the bride too!) use the sewing kit for broken dress bustles or pearls or beads that pop off), the bobby pins for the fly away hairs, the fashion tape for when the dresses just won't lay right as you're moving around, the safety pins for the broken bustle for the hem that just won't stop coming apart, and the stain removers for the little spills and make up spots so they don't become huge stains. And, of course, the hair ties get used later in the night!

That's it! 

Wedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion essentials bags - by The Garter Girl

Wedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion essentials bags - by The Garter Girl

Not Just For Brides! Perfect Size!

When we set out to create the emergency kit, we wanted something that was for all brides, even those not wearing a wedding garter. We, obviously love our wedding garter heirlooms around here, but we lots of visitors and friends who come for our helpful wedding planning advice and more. We wanted something that was helpful to all brides and bridal parties!

We also wanted something that could be used by any member or the wedding party. Lastly, we wanted the bags big enough so that brides could put other items inside, but not too big that it felt like an every day purse.

This wedding day emergency kit is perfect for brides, but also bridesmaids, the entire bridal party, mother's of the bride, maids of honor and more. If you're in a wedding or going to a wedding, you're going to love this emergency kit. 

You can get one kit for the entire bridal party to use and to share. Get one and then have a bridesmaid or the maid of honor be in charge of carrying it for the bride.

The make-up style bag come pre-filled with fashion emergency essentials like sewing kits and safety pins, but it is also big enough to add any additional items that brides might want to have with them or handy on their wedding day. Such as additional lipstick or their phone or wallet.

The kit has just enough of exactly what the entire bridal party needs to solve any fashion emergency on the wedding day.  It's the perfect size, not to big, not too small! It's just right!

Wedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion essentials bags - by The Garter Girl

Wedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion essentials bags - by The Garter Girl

Use After Your Wedding Too!

They always say that you can use things after your wedding is over. We've heard that line before when it comes to guest books and bridesmaid dresses and more. But, with these essentials kit bags, it's really true!

The emergency kit bags were designed to be used after the wedding is over. You can, of course, use the contents after the wedding. Tissues and hand wipes are always in need.

The bag is lined to protect against spills that often happen in make up bags. The design is pretty, but isn't too "bride" or wedding focused so you can definitely use after the wedding.

After the wedding is over, you can put make up in the bags, use them for travel, put them inside your larger purse or carry on, or use them just about any time you need a cute bag that's just the right size.

Wedding day emergency kits, bridal fashion essentials bags - by The Garter Girl

We love our new bridal fashion emergency kits and we hope that you do too! We're so excited to add more products to our collections in addition to the heirloom wedding garters. 

These kids are the perfect bridal shower gifts for the bride, or a gift for the bridesmaids from the bride - there are so many ways to use and gift these kits and we couldn't be more excited to share them with you. 

Shop the new bridal fashion emergency kits in our store today and we'll ship on right to you for a stress free wedding day!

You can also order your wedding garter heirloom from my shop. If you are interested in a custom wedding garter made with your family materials, be sure to check out my family material wedding garter gallery or request a custom garter here.