11 Top Wedding Trends for 2021

Boho Arch for Microwedding - Top Wedding Trends for 2021

Are you engaged and planning your 2021 wedding? This year we are extra excited to see the top wedding trends. We pulled together the trends we're already seeing in 2021 weddings now and we'll be seeing later throughout the year. Smaller weddings, lots of color and more thoughtful wedding celebrations are on the horizon for 2021 and we're here for it.

This is an interesting time to plan your wedding and get married (Don't miss our tips for how to get married during the Covid 19 pandemic), but don't worry, we have all the tips and advice you'll need with everything from how to get married at home and tips for getting married outside... those were some spoiler alerts to our 2021 wedding trend predictions!

Wedding Flat Lay Featuring Face Masks and Tulle Bridal Garter

Photo Credit: Procopio Photography, Planning & Styling: Bella Notte DC

There's no doubt the pandemic has changed weddings and this years trends will show you some of our favorite changes. Along with these wedding trends for 2021 we're seeing couples are being much more intentional about their weddings, wedding decisions, wedding budgets, etc.

Smaller weddings this year will bring more personalization, more experiences and more detail! A shorter guest list allows couples to allocate their wedding budget in new ways to really impress their guests and provide an experience everyone will remember.

So, without further ado, let's get started!

2021 Wedding Trends


Microwedding with guests Wearing Face Masks

Photo Credit: Procopio Photography, Planning & Styling: Bella Notte DC

This may not come as a surprise after all that we saw in 2020, but 2021 is surely the year to embrace microweddings. Couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings.  While originally this was more out of necessity with the covid-19 pandemic, we’re certain we’ll see this trend stick around even as larger gatherings continue to be allowed again. 

 Boho Wedding Ceremony Arch for Micro Wedding

Made by: Your Poppy Shop

Why? Couples have seen the value in a smaller guest list. For some, a smaller guest count allows for a smaller budget.  For others, a smaller guest count means that can splurge on the wedding day details and celebration! One of our favorite reasons for a microwedding is being able to choose a unique venue to host your celebration – one that wouldn’t typically have the space and capacity to host a wedding but with your smaller guest count they can surely make it happen for you!

We wrote all about small weddings and micro-weddings and this post is filled with all the advice and tips you need for planning a microwedding!

Weekday & Brunch Weddings

It’s a new day and a new time. With the shift to smaller weddings we are also seeing more weekday weddings and brunch weddings. And…we’re loving it! How fun is it to incorporate your closest family and friends into a weekday affair that feels so special. With less guests, couples are finding it easier to ask their guests to take a day away from their work week to celebrate with them.

 Personalized Jam Wedding Favors for Brunch Wedding

Made by: Lower Shannon Farms

If you aren’t changing up the day, you can certainly change up the time and the meal. Thinking beyond the traditional ceremony and dinner reception, many couples in 2021 are opting for brunch weddings. Taking advantage of those daylight hours, we know lots of brunch weddings will be outdoors this year.

Experiential Entertainment

Violinists at Intimate Vow Renewal

Photo Credit: Procopio Photography, Planning & Styling: Bella Notte DC

In twenty-twenty one the focus at weddings is on the guest experience. From olive oil tasting stations, to ice cream carts, mobile bar vans, and even floral arranging lessons, weddings this year are pulling the guests directly into the action. Interactive cocktail hours are already a huge hit. This time in between the ceremony and reception is ideal for providing something unique that your guests can do or see and enjoy before moving on to the meal for the evening.

 Wedding Ice Cream Cart

Made by: WOW Creative Co UK

Strong Attention To Detail

With smaller guest lists, couples are able to focus on the details throughout their wedding. Opting for a shallow guest list allows you to go deep on the detail. We know one of a kind escort card displays, beautifully styled table settings and unique lighting installations will be rising in popularity.

 Acrylic Escort Card Drink Stick

Made by: Scripted Ever After

Décor will be bigger and bolder with a strong influence from art. Oversized displays and anything that makes a statement is popular this year. Smaller guest counts are allowing couples to reallocate money in their wedding budget to décor and design.

Unique Treats

Guest experiences at weddings often surround food! This year, we'll seem some more unique treats at weddings. From pre-made cocktails to mini cakes, one of a kind treats are great options to leave a lasting impact with your guests! Here are some of our favorite ideas for unique treats:

  • Crepe Stations
  • Sweets Table
  • Charcuterie Boards
  • Cheese Towers / Cheese Cakes!
  • Donuts
  • Grazing Tables
  • Fondue Cart
  • Ceviche Bar
  • French Fry Bar
  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Pizza Table
  • Popcorn Bar
  • Espresso Bar

Say Cheese Wedding Cheese Cake Topper

Made by: The Letter Loft UK

Thinking donut bar? Don't miss our blog post filled with a list of donut bar essentials and donut stands for weddings!

Shopping Small, Supporting Vendors & Giving Back

We're banding together to support one another and choosing to shop small and support our local communities.

Couples are leaning more towards charity donation requests for their registry. Whether they forego the traditional registry all together or combine a registry for their most wished for items along with a request for a charity of their choice, we love that couples are giving back in 2021.

 How To Shop Small For Your Wedding

For more ideas, tips and guidance on how to shop small for your wedding be sure to check out our blog post that's packed with advice!


Bride and Groom Attire

Photo Credit: Procopio Photography, Planning & Styling: Bella Notte DC

When it comes to bridal fashion get ready for some glamour! Bold designs, statement-making styles and untraditional choices will be the trend. We'll be seeing wedding jumpsuits and pantsuits for the bride. For the groom, bold colored suits!

For the more traditional wedding dresses, we're seeing sleeves making a big statement this year!

 Bishop Sleeve Wedding Dress

Made by: LD Couture by LD Couture

Lots Of Color

Bright Floral Table Design

Photo Credit: Procopio Photography, Planning & Styling: Bella Notte DC

This year we’ll see couples shying away from the neutrals and leaning towards the bold and striking hues. You know, those statement making colors that leave an impact?! We’re already seeing those all white or white and grey weddings fade away. Incorporating these bolder colors throughout the wedding will include colorful wedding suits, bold wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, and rainbow effects with floral design. Bold, colorful weddings will fill your social feeds this year.

 Bold Colorful Wedding Escort Cards

Made by: Sheffield House by JGV

Luscious Greenery

What about floral design? This year, we'll be seeing luscious greenery added into all floral arrangements. Adding new textures, greenery can really make an impact at weddings. 

Live Greenery for Wedding Cake

Made by: Thistle and Vine Design


Another perk of a smaller guest list is the ability to invest in personalization. From personalized items for the bride and groom to personalized items for the guests, these special touches will make your wedding unique to you. Invest in beautiful personalized place cards that your guests will love to bring home with them!

Personalized Gift Box for Wedding Guest

Made by: Style Lab Creations Inc

A special touch that's trending in particular now is the wedding welcome gift box! With a smaller guest count, spoil your wedding guests with a gift box packed with goodies. If you're hosting a destination wedding where all guests will receive their box at their hotel check-in or if your event is local then your guests can go home with their gift box at the end of the evening!

Sustainable Practices and Eco-Friendly Weddings

Many couples are eco-conscious when it comes to their every day lives and now they're ensuring that it's a top concern for their wedding day and wedding planning too. Hosting your wedding responsibly may mean cutting back on unnecessary waste, choosing a sustainable wedding venue, or committing to upcycle your wedding decor.

 Plantable Seed Wedding Invitation

Made by: Lettering by GRG

Some eco-conscious decisions may feel small but they all help. Try offering cute paper straws instead of plastic ones. Offer glassware to your guests and have a washing station to eliminate the use of plastics. If you're gifting guests a wedding favor try seeds for them to plant in their gardens or community.


Your wedding should be a reflection of your style. Your guests should think, this experience 'is so them', or this color is 'so her', or this special touch is 'so him'. Whether you're thinking of skipping some wedding traditions or thinking of new twists to put on them, you do you! Do what makes you happy and what speaks to you.  It's your wedding! Happy planning!


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