Grandmother's Heirloom Personalized Bouquet Wrap & Real Handkerchief: Katey

Bride's Grandmother's Wedding Handkerchief Personalized with Embroidered Wedding Date

Here's another real Garter Girl bride...but this time we're showcasing a wedding handkerchief! Bride Katey's wedding handkerchief is a family heirloom from her Maternal Grandmother.  She wrapped this handkerchief around her bouquet on her wedding day and now it was passed down to Katey!

First up was to clean this handkerchief and make sure it's preserved correctly. Next, I personalized the item with custom embroidery in a blue color. I embroidered both the bride's wedding date and her mother's wedding date. You can see the detailed images of this embroidered wedding handkerchief from my photographer also on the blog!

These images of Katey on her wedding day incorporating her handkerchief wrapped around her bridal bouquet warms my heart! The beautiful images are amazing memories of Katey's wedding day but even more so, they are so sentimental with this family wedding heirloom that's been passed down in her family.

 Bride's Grandmother's Wedding Handkerchief


Bride with Bouquet and Family Wedding Handkerchief Heirloom


Grandmother's Handkerchief Embroidered Heirloom


Bride Bouquet Wedding Handkerchief


Bride Bouquet Wedding Handkerchief

Photo credit: Nathaly Norman

A beautiful blushing bride on her wedding day with a family heirloom always makes us smile. These images of Katey are stunning and we know this embroidered wedding handkerchief has been cherished for so many years in her family and we know it will continue to be cherished for many more!

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