The Ultimate Bridal Fashion Timeline

ultimate bridal fashion timeline

It is all too much, isn't it?! You become engaged, but you aren't sure what to do when. Fashion and style are really important to you in your everyday life, so looking and feeling your best on your wedding day are non-negotiable. Who doesn't dream of a gorgeous wedding dress that fits you like a glove and an amazing pair of shoes that you'll definitely wear again? But, where should you start?

To help fashion forward brides who love style, I created The Ultimate Bridal Fashion Timeline. I've been in the wedding world for a long time handmaking wedding garter heirlooms for brides and I'm so excited to share a free bridal fashion guide with stressed out and confused brides. You can get your free copy of the timeline below...


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I wrote this timeline for all of my style lovers out there, the brides who love fashion, but don't love being overwhelmed.

There are countless resources out there for how to create a wedding day timeline and how to go through the different stages of planning the wedding reception from table linens to cake tastings and questions to ask your florist. But, few wedding planning bindersand websites give the real insider advice about wedding day fashion for the bride. This is why I created The Ultimate Bridal Fashion Timeline, a free and practical guide for brides-to-be.

I created this free bridal fashion timeline for confused, overwhelmed and stressed out brides who don't know what to do next much less where to start. With this guide, brides will know exactly what to order when for their wedding day so they don't miss out. What happens first? What is next? Should I order my dress? What about a veil? When should I start researching my something old, new, borrowed and blue? And, what will I wear the morning of your wedding?

Wait, I need to have an outfit for the morning of my wedding? Yes, you do, my dear! The photos will be going all day long and you'll want to not only look OK, but you'll want to feel your most comfortable before you slip into your wedding dress. Check out my list of where to find robes for the bride, and more pretty robes for bridesmaids.

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When you open up a bridal magazine or start researching on Pinterest for your wedding, it is all dresses, dresses and more dresses. All of these dresses are so beautiful, but all that wedding dress inspiration doesn't tell you when to order your dress and they don't tell you when your fittings are. And, they definitely don't tell you what you need for your fittings.

Wait. What is a fitting?

A "fitting" is one of those insider wedding terms that people within the wedding industry just throw around and assume that everyone knows. Explaining these types of things and giving my own personal tips and advice for designing your perfect wedding day look is exactly what I wrote this bridal fashion timeline. As I said, I've been in the wedding world a long time designing wedding garters and I have quite a bit of advice for brides and their wedding day fashion.

Newly engaged brides shouldn't feel bad about not knowing an insider terms like "fitting"! So, speaking of fittings, yes, you will most likely need a wedding dress fitting!

But, what is a wedding dress fitting?

In short, a wedding dress fitting is where you will try on your dress and an alterations person will pin it and tuck it and make adjustments to ensure that your wedding dress fits you properly. Even though you were most likely measured and you ordered your wedding dress in certain size, they will still need to make alternations. A wedding dress isn't just like any dress that you buy in a store to wear to work or for a night out on the town! The alterations person might adjust around the waist, shorten the bottom (called the hem), add some decorative detail that you wanted, remove things that you didn't want on the dress, and so much more. It all just depends on your wedding dress style and what you've asked for.

Your first wedding dress fitting won't happen until your dress arrives to your bridal dress shop. After each fitting your dress will be altered a little bit to make sure that it fits you like a glove. Most bridal dress shops offer 3 or more fittings before your final fitting right your wedding day.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your free copy of The Ultimate Bridal Fashion Timeline.

If you have any questions not addressed in the timeline, you know that I'm here for you! Leave me a comment or send me an email at I'd love to help you out!

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