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Garter Girl Loves: Pretty Robes For The Bride
July 8, 2016 Julianne Smith

Garter Girl Loves: Pretty Robes For The Bride

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It never was a “thing” in weddings, but lately I’ve noticed that brides are paying more attention to what they are wearing the morning of their wedding. (I know, usually I’m so focused on the wedding garter, but I have noticed the bridal robes too!) In the past, a bride would wear a huge button down shirt or maybe a zipper front sweat suit (both so you don’t mess up the hair and the make up when finally getting dressed!), but lately brides are taking note of what they are wearing the morning of their wedding before they put their wedding dress on for the day.

It makes sense why brides are wanting to look halfway decent the morning before their wedding! They are having their picture taken before the wedding surrounded by their bridesmaids and family, maybe having a glass of champagne (or 12!) and relaxing while getting their makeup and hair done. It can sometimes take hours to get that many people ready before the wedding! The bride wants to look good in some of those very special photos and not just be in some horrible cover up or ratty button down shirt. Luckily, companies are taking notice and offering beautiful robes for the bride to wear on the morning of her wedding. (You can even find matching robes for your bridesmaids! But that’s another post for another day!) There are morning of the wedding bridal robes available in every style from bright floral patterns, to romantic lace and just about every bridal style (and budget!) in between.

I’m starting a new wedding blog series called Garter Girl Loves where I’ll feature things that I personally love in the wedding world or in fashion, but mostly weddings! First up, is a round up of some beautiful bridal robes that I found that would be perfect for the morning of your wedding. If you are in the market for a robe for before your wedding, did all the research on Etsy for you!


Shop the look:
Long lace bridal robe from Tessa Kim



Shop the look:
Handmade lace bridal robe from This Modern Love Bridal



Shop the look:
Short bride’s robe with lace detail from Shop Desert Primrose



Shop the look:
Silk bridal robe with purple flowers from March Seven Studios



Shop the look:
Floral bride’s robe from novaime



Shop the look:
Short bride’s robe with lace sleeves from Blush and Heart Bridal



Shop the look:
Simple lace bridal robe from Ivy & Matilda



Shop the look:

Floral robes for bride and bridesmaids from Le Rose Gifts


Here are a few tips about ordering a bridal robe for your wedding morning:

  • Make sure the bride’s robe isn’t too short. You want to feel good, but also comfortable in your bridal robe.
  • Many bridal robe companies require production time, so make sure you order your robe with enough time before your wedding. This is probably not something you’ll want to wait until the week before your wedding to suddenly remember that you want a robe!
  • Make sure your robe isn’t too see through! Save those ultra sheer robes for your boudoir session or for just between you and your partner.
  • Look for a robe that you’ll wear again. Yes, the ones with “bride” written on the back are super cute, but they will only last a day. Save yourself the money and look for a robe that you can wear after your wedding is over.
  • Sometimes bridal robes are referred to as kimonos. So, if you can’t find what you are looking for searching for bridal robe, use the work kimono and you might find what you are looking for!

What about you? What will you wear the morning of your wedding?

With love, The Garter Girl



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