The Martha Stewart Show

The Martha Stewart Show

I really thought that when I left working in politics my cool experiences were over. I was so lucky during my working days to do and see so many amazing things and really get to be a part of the action in DC's political scene. I thought that I had my fill for a lifetime and that was it for me. And, then I went to New York City yesterday to be a part of The Martha Stewart Show.

I hopped on the train to New York City and found myself at Martha Stewart's studio for a live broadcast of her daily show on the Hallmark channel. My "job" was to provide a play by play for those who were unable to watch the show. It all happened so fast with everything playing out over Twitter. I couldn't type fast enough! There were so many different projects and little tips and music and cheering all going at the same time. Here is a picture of me hard at work. We were told to "look busy"! (That's me in the left in the green shirt.)


The show itself was pretty neat. It was full of lots of different things, as can be expected from Martha Stewart.  She first did an ombre photo frame mat, which actually looked cool and wouldn't be hard to make at all. Next up was a moss expert (That's right, a moss expert) to talk about how to make a moss garden at home.  I'm not sure that I'll be attempting this one, but still really neat and I actually learned a little bit about moss! Someone from Home Depot showed us how to remove stains from a painted wall. Although, I have a few of those from my kiddos, it was quite a labor intensive project, so I'm not sure that will be in my future. I'll probably just live with the marker on the walls! She also roasted fall veggies with the editor of Whole Living magazine.  All in all, a jammed packed and great show!

To read my play by play, including my confusion over the crazy camera man, you can follow me on Twitter at @gartergirl and look through my feed on October 5th. You can also see all of the live action from the show with the hashtag #mscraftshow.

Here is a picture of Martha Stewart and the other bloggers:


So, that was my day on Wednesday! Big thanks to the entire crew at The Martha Stewart show for making me feel so special and allowing me to take part in such a great show. Now, it is back to making wedding garters! (And, look through my stocked swag bag from the show!)

Stay tuned because I have a few pictures of my own that I took on our tour of the set.