My Invitations Turned Ornament

My Invitations Turned Ornament

Say "hello" to one of my favorite wedding gifts ever. I love taking this gift out year after year. I look forward to it every holiday season. Whenever people ask me a good gift to give someone getting married, I always say the same thing: A holiday ornament hand made from your wedding invitation.

A good friend of mine surprised me with this ornament as a gift after our wedding was over. I had no idea that this was even a thing. I loved it so much that I'm feeling the need to share the good news with everyone! This gift was so super sweet and really thoughtful! I hope that you enjoy this too!

To this day, whenever I get an invitation like a wedding invitation or a bridal shower, I always have an ornament made out of it. It is a very affordable gift and usually makes everyone cry at the bridal shower! If you are looking for someone to make an ornament from an invitation, I rounded up a collection of crafters on Etsy for you right here. 

And, for those of you that were actually atmy wedding in 2004 thanks for strolling down memory lane with me!

My friend, Michelle Lindsay Photography, is so amazing to take pictures for me. Here is my wedding invitation turned into a holiday ornament:

There is it! Do you love this ornament as much as I do? (Maybe it is just me because it was made from my wedding invitation!) I love taking this out every year at the holidays and hanging it on the tree. It gives us a chance to relive our wedding and stroll down memory lane.

I loved this ornament that I got a gift so much that I looked up on Etsy and found a handful of crafters that make these invitation ornaments. Check out my list of holiday ornaments made from invitations right here

You are welcome for the best bridal shower or wedding gift idea ever! Sure to bring a tear to everyone's eye!

The photos in this post is credited to Michelle Lindsay Photography.