The $1.98 Wedding Garter…A FREE Crochet Wedding Garter Pattern

The $1.98 Wedding Garter…A FREE Crochet Wedding Garter Pattern

I can't discriminate against my friends who crochet. Last week, I did this knitted wedding garter pattern. so, to keep this an equal opportunity blog, here is a free crochet wedding garter pattern. (that's right, I said FREE!)

crochet wedding garter - juliane smith - view 4

I can't take any credit. well, I had the idea, but my friend, Allison, designed the pattern and made the wedding garter. She whipped it up in about 20 minutes. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. I'm not a crocheter. I'm learning. I'm committed to getting better, but I haven't done much more than crochet a few baby blanket borders.

This crochet wedding garter cost $1.98, using two spools (8 yards and 99 cents each) of satin ribbon from one of the mega craft stores. (The knitted wedding garter was cheaper because crochet just takes more material, the stitches are tighter.) (Also, I didn't include the cost of the crochet hook in the total price of this crochet wedding garter.)

crochet wedding garter - juliane smith

This wedding garter pattern is super simple…if you already know how to crochet. I'm a very beginner crocheter and I had a hard time moving the hook around the ribbon, which is why Allison did it for me. If you are a newbie and up for the challenge, here is a link to learning to crochet, but make sure you read my tips for DIY before you begin.

The $1.98 Crochet Wedding Garter Pattern

crochet wedding garter - juliane smith - view 3Materials…
size i crochet hook
3/8 inches wide satin ribbon
small crochet hook (to weave in ends)

With the ribbon, chain 2. (leave at least a 6 inch tail, depending on how big you want the bow)
Row 1: in first chain made, (double crochet, chain 2, double crochet).
Row 2: chain 2, turn work. (double crochet, chain 2, double crochet) in chain-space created in preceding row.
repeat row 2 until garter is desired length. (The garter will stretch about an inch, depending on how tight your stitches are. Check out this post about fitting your wedding garter.)
Leave at least a 6 inch tail.
Tie the beginning and ending tails together in a bow around the leg. you can leave the bow in front as a decoration or move it to the back to hide it.

crochet wedding garter - juliane smith - view 1

Thanks to allison for rocking this awesome DIY crochet wedding garter pattern! If you are crocheter, go check out allison's blog, it so great!

Happy crocheting!

Looking for more DIY? Check out my DIY series for more patterns and advice.