How To Choose A Wedding Garter For Your Friend

How To Choose A Wedding Garter For Your Friend

Believe it or not, the pickiest custom wedding garter clients that I have are friends of the bride. I don't mean this in a bad way; it is rather endearing, actually. Friends want to get the best, most perfect wedding garter present for their bride, ensuring that every detail is just right. They want to get them a modern wedding heirloom that they are going to cherish forever!

It is tough to pick out a wedding garter that your friend will wear on one of the biggest days of her life that she will have forever, maybe passing down to her daughter. It is a lot of pressure. here are some questions to ask yourself when selecting a wedding garter (or any present, really) for your soon-to-be-wed friend.

Next up in my wedding garter 101 advice I'm going to give you some ideas for how to design a wedding garter for your best friend!


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Here with go with my garter selection advice for your friend…

Does she already have a wedding garter?
The wedding garter really isn't something that you need more than one of. So, first and foremost, get your Nancy Drew on and find out if your friend, the bride, already has a garter before you go through the trouble of picking a garter out for her.

What does she like?
Forget what you like or what you would want in a wedding garter. Think about what your friend would want and most importantly, what she would wear on her wedding garter. If you are leopard print, and she is more classic, then stick with a garter style that fits her personality, not yours. If she doesn't love wearing her wedding garter style then you've defeated the purpose of getting her a garter.

What are the other details of her wedding?
A great custom wedding garter option is one designed to match the bride's wedding colors. This is an easy choice because you know that she already likes this color combination, so it would be perfect for her garter! Is it a beach wedding? Go with a garter design that is fresh and simple. Is it a holiday wedding? Go with a garter in that theme.

What are the bridesmaids wearing?
I've made a few wedding garters from the hem of the bridesmaid dress. The bride clearly likes the bridesmaid dress and the fabric already, so it makes for a really great gift from the entire wedding party when you use the bridesmaid dress as the material for the garter.

If you can't get the actual bridesmaid dress fabric, try matching the colors (most bridal shops will give you a fabric swatch) of the dress for the garter. This is a fun way for her to have a little something special to save from her wedding from her best girls.

What is she wearing?
Is her wedding dress white or ivory? The color of her bridal dress is a great starting point.

Also, I recently had a maid of honor snag some fabric from the hem of her friend's wedding dress and give it to me to make a garter. She called up the bridal salon and asked that they save the hem from her bridal gown. When she went with her friend for a dress fitting, she popped in the back and picked it up. Needless to say, this garter was the hit of the bridal shower and the bride was in tears over her custom garter and the thoughtful sneakiness of her friend.

What does the groom like?
If the groom is big into a certain sports team or loves his college colors, then consider picking a custom wedding garter out that will be exciting for him too.

Does she have her something blue?
Casually ask around and see if the bride has the something blue part of the tradition completed. If not, the wedding garter is the perfect spot to keep the something blue part of the tradition, because it is hidden under the wedding dress. And, you've helped the bride with not one, but three wedding traditions: the wedding garter, her something blue and her something new! (You get extra bonus friend points!)

Is she the type to do the garter toss?
If she is down with the wedding garter toss then consider getting her a tossing garter. Get a plain tossing  garter or maybe have a garter custom designed to match her main keepsake garter. If you get the tossing wedding garter now, then it will be one less thing she has to think about and it will be greatly appreciated.

Do you trust your instincts?
You know your friend. You know what she will like. So, don't stress too much, just pick something out and go with it. The most important thing is that you are taking the time and energy to get your friend such a personal gift. She will appreciate the effort not for the wedding garter itself, but because it came from you.


So, those are my pieces of advice for designing a custom wedding garter for your friend. What are your garter selecting tips?

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Happy gift giving!

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