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Sophisticated Citrus Wedding Inspiration

Sophisticated Citrus Wedding Inspiration

Is it possible to combine a romantic and stylish wedding garters with a citrus wedding inspiration board? Yes, yes it is possible! When I think of "citrus" for wedding color ideas, I typically think of bright pops of color and vibrant shades of orange and yellow. I think of lemons and limes and lots of bold colors contrasted on a white background. Don't you? Well, today I'm about to change your mind about citrus inspiration for a wedding or special event. This wedding design is inspired by citrus, but more in sophisticated and elegant way.

I recently sent a few custom wedding garters along to Amanda Adams Photography and her amazing team of wedding vendors in the Washington DC area who are designing a fine-art inspired citrus wedding ideas photo session. Here is the ultra sophisticated citrus wedding inspiration board that they put together for this photo session:

Sophisticated citrus-fine-art-wedding-ideas

Instead of a lime green and bright yellow and orange for this wedding inspiration, they are using soft shades of sage green, pale yellow ad deep rich oranges. The orange and yellow tones are more muted, while the whole inspiration is off set with elegant gold and soft shades of ivory. I can't wait to see how this sophisticated citrus wedding inspiration turns out! Here are the stylish wedding garters that I sent along for their photo session to go along with the elegant citrus inspiration board:

Posh-Wedding-Garter-The-Garter-Girl-1 copy diamond-white-wedding-garter-The-Garter-Girl Lovely-Wedding-Garter-The-Garter-Girl-4 copy

From the top to the bottom: This is my champagne lace posh wedding garter style set from my collection. The middle garter is a custom bridal garter that I hand made using ivory satin and a really soft ivory lace with a little fringe on the bottom. And, the bottom wedding garter is the ivory lace lovely wedding garter style from my collection.

Thank you so much to Amanda Adams Photography for including me on this sophisticated citrus wedding inspiration. I can't wait to see the whole photo session come together!

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