How To Be Stress Free The Morning Of Your Wedding

How To Be Stress Free The Morning Of Your Wedding

The morning of your wedding is a notoriously stressful time! You are having your hair and makeup done, trying to get dressed. Meanwhile, you have friends and family that you probably haven't seen in a while all stopping by and wanting to chat. Oh and you are getting married and making a huge commitment! All of those months and months of wedding planning are leading up to what is about to happen and the wedding day stress is mounting!

What is a bride to do? Is it possible to be relaxed and stress free on your wedding day? I am here to tell you that the morning of your wedding doesn't have to be crazy and complicated. If you plan ahead and take some time before your wedding to get yourself organized, you can have a drama free wedding morning.


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Here are four things that every bride can do to help themselves and avoid the stress that will undoubtedly come on the morning of their wedding.

Hire A Planner

I'm not talking about the person who works at your wedding venue or your catering company and I'm not talking about your friend or your favorite cousin who is really responsible. I'm talking about booking an actual wedding planner, even it is just for the day of your wedding, who can execute all of those months of planning that you did. At some point, you'll have to enjoy the day and a wedding planner can take over and let you relax! Having someone on your side whose sole job it is to make your wedding run smoothly will be worth every penny. A wedding planner is there for you and will be able to take care of all of the last minute stressors that will come up so that you can truly enjoy your wedding day.

Organize Your Accessories

Have you given any thought to the types of wedding morning photos that you know you'd like to have? Well before your wedding, take a few minutes (or hours!) looking around on Pinterest or wedding blogs for examples of photos that past brides have taken on the morning of your wedding. Make sure that your photographer knows about the types of images that you'd like to have and then start gathering the items that you'll need. The earlier the better so that you can be assured to get the accessories that you want. Do you want a photo of you and your bridesmaids in those beautiful robes? Or how about a photo of you putting on your wedding garter with your maid of honor helping you? What about all of your wedding accessories, like your shoes, garter, earrings, engagement ring in a box, weddings invitations all laid out nice and gorgeous? It takes time to gather the pieces together to make those pre-wedding images so beautiful, so start early and keep your photographer in the loop.

Stay Full & Hydrated

With all the craziness of getting ready for your wedding and friends and family buzzing around trying to help you, it can be hard to get a meal in. Not to mention, you are probably so nervous that eating seems like the last thing on your mind! It is also tempting to have a glass (or two!) of champagne and we've all heard the horror stories of drinking on an empty stomach! I'm here to tell you that the bride must stay full and focused on her wedding day. In the morning, before your wedding is the best time to get nourished and stay hydrated. Once your wedding ceremony and then reception starts, it will be even harder to get a bite to eat!

Let It Go!

This is it, your wedding day is there! There isn't anything you can do now to change anything, so this is the time where you let all the stress of planning your wedding go! You've made all the planning decisions and now it is time to trust your wedding vendors to execute your wedding vision. You have to let them do their jobs now! Most married couples encourage brides to take moments throughout the wedding and soak it all in because it really does go so fast. That wedding day presence of mind starts first thing in the morning! Let go of all the wedding stress as early as you can on the morning of your wedding, so that you can truly enjoy your day!

I hope that was helpful and you are all prepped for an amazing, stress-free wedding morning!

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