Should I Ask For My Garter Back?

Everything goes off as planned on your wedding day. You go on your honeymoon and you start to replay the events of your wedding back in your mind. Your garter! You tossed it and now it is gone! You think that your cousin caught it, but you wonder, "Should I ask for it back?"

Supposed you've tossed the main garter and now you want to save it? You can absolutely ask for it back. It isn't tacky or rude. A little awkward, maybe. But, certainly not out of the question to just ask. Chances are that whoever caught it probably doesn't know what to do with it anyway, so they will likely be happy to give it back. (Be prepared though: they might not have it anymore. Sometimes the night gets a little too much fun and the garter can be the first thing lost!)

The wedding garter is a great wedding day keepsake. It is small and saves easily. But, if you do the wedding garter toss, you are left with a dilemma: How should I go about ensuring that I have my wedding garter after my wedding?

You could skip the wedding garter toss all together. This will 100 percent ensure that you won't loose your garter. Another other option is to get a tossing garter. A tossing garter is a smaller, less detailed garter that you wear just below your main garter. It is a garter that you don't mind loosing and that your partner can take off and toss.

Planning ahead is always key. If you aren't going to get a tossing garter, ask one of your bridesmaids or a good friend to be in charge of getting your garter back for you at the end of the night. This is one less thing on your mind!

Good luck and happy tossing! Check out my garter 101 series here for more garter related questions.