Ideas for Wedding Garter Sets

Ideas for Wedding Garter Sets

A wedding garter set is two weddings garters. One to keep and one to toss. Or, as one client told me, "One to show and one to go!" Typically in a garter set, the tossing garter is a mini version or coordinating garter that matches the main garter. The tossing garter is generally less detailed and simple.

Brides go with all different types of wedding garter sets for different reasons. If you can't decide on a main garter, then the tossing garter gives you a chance to choose two garters instead of one. Sometimes someone will gift the bride a garter, perhaps for a bridal shower, and if they don't like it, then this is a great garter toss! Sometimes they want a pretty and traditional garter to save, and then a more fun themed, like a super hero or sports team, garter to toss.

Here are some fun wedding garter sets that I've made recently.





Another garter set option if you are a divided house where you are for one sports team and your fiance is for another, is make your main garter in the theme that you like and the tossing garter in the theme that your fiance' likes. Then, you can toss your fiance's team! Here is a divided house garter that I recently made: