Real Wedding Garter: Taiya

Bride and Groom Modern and Colorful Wedding

It's a real wedding after our dusty blue loving hearts! Taiya and Chris' modern wedding was filled with beautiful bright flowers and hosted at a beautiful indoor and outdoor venue. For this real The Garter Girl bride post you'll love all of the personal touches from the custom cocktail napkins to Taiya's bridal garter made from her grandmother's wedding dress lace.

You can see our pictures of Taiya's custom wedding garter and wedding handkerchiefs with lace from her grandmother's wedding dress.

This modern and colorful wedding looks like a fabulous affair and fun for all of the guests! The outdoor wedding ceremony had beautiful chairs lined up, lush greenery backgrounds and bright beautiful floral arrangements!

Bride and Groom Modern Wedding Venue

 Bridal Garter Made From Grandmother's Wedding Dress Lace


Bride Getting Ready Fun Bridal Slippers


Bride Getting Ready Wedding Dress Hanging


Wedding Details with Wedding Invitation and Wedding Rings


Bride Getting Ready With Bridesmaids and Champagne


Bride Getting Ready With Champagne Glass


Bride Getting Ready Perfume


Groom Getting Ready


Bride Getting Ready Gift TO Dad


Groom Getting Ready With Dad


Bride and Bridesmaids Outdoor Photos


Bright Colored Bridal Bouquet


Bride and Groom Outdoor Bridal Portraits


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Bright Floral Arrangements


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony With Bright Colored Flowers and Hanging Lights


Bride and Father Walk Down Wedding Aisle


Wedding Ceremony Bright Flowers Bride and Groom Vows


Wedding Ceremony Bride with Vow Book


Bride and Groom Walking Down Aisle After Wedding Ceremony


Bride and Groom Outdoor Bridal Portraits


Bride and Groom Outdoor Bridal Portraits


Wedding Reception Bar Setup


Wedding Reception Custom Bar Sign


Wedding Reception Custom Cocktail Napkins


Wedding Reception Carving Station


Wedding Reception Seating Chart


Wedding Reception Floral Chandelier


Wedding Reception Simple Modern Table


Wedding Reception Tall Floral Arrangements


Bride and Groom Dancing


Wedding Reception Outdoor Celebration


Wedding Reception Custom Cake Topper


Wedding Reception Bride and Groom First Dance

Photo Credit: Nate and Jenny Weddings

Taiya's custom bridal garter is a family heirloom garter. I used her Grandmother's wedding dress! I used lace from her Grandmother's dress for the bridal garter and a set of wedding handkerchiefs. I also personalized the inside of the bridal garter with the bride and groom's initials and their wedding date The wedding handkerchiefs were personalized with hand embroidery as well.

Thank you to Taiya and Nate and Jenny Weddings for sharing these beautiful wedding images with us! 

You can also order your wedding garter heirloom from my shop. If you are interested in a custom wedding garter made with your family materials, be sure to check out my family material wedding garter gallery or request a custom garter here.